Arcade sit down XBox 360 Cab Review? INFO?


SO I want to talk to my local arcade into buying 2 of these ( its the minimum you buy 2 )
Arcade sit down cabinet for Xbox 360 system - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

Any reviews? Before I go and convince them to get them are they good?
1 Will be for ssf4 the other like Tekken 6 or KOF 13 ( on console release )/Mvc3 ( same idea as KOF 13 )


Are these the Namco Noir clones?

I tried one at the San Francisco Metreon. Seemed to play all right when running a console version of Vanilla 4 although I didn’t test for lag. I really dislike its timer system though. That though is the make or break part unless there is another way of regulating console games in an arcade.


Um I dont know I think they are the same as the one you mentioned because Ive played it. Can it play other games correct? like my Idea was for now have both cabs run ssf4 then when mvc3 comes out have one machine run that. My local arcade was going to get AE but since the price they didnt. So this should be a better alternative ( also since its was people still play in tourney ) I mean are the buttons good? the sticks okay?


remember also that their is a major shipping cost to for freight, so thats alot more money added on top of the approx. $2k
" * freight costs for 1 unit only normally costs approx $600-1200usd per cabinet (including crating, local truck fees, export fees and sea freight).

  • if container orders, per unit freight cost becomes approx $150-250usd"


I think it would save money in the long run because instead of buying a 2kto 4k Kit each time they buy a 50$ game and just put it in the cab. Cause I was looking at another cab Arcade LCD Cabinet - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress ( they used this one at SCR for KOF13 ) and THAT plus whatever KOF kit will cost ( its TBA right now idk why ) will be way more then the cost of 2 console cabs I think. But how good are the cabs?


I dont know how good that cabinet is but it never hurts to try. The thing that they should do is like what alex arcade did and wire the start button to the coin slot that way it becomes almost like a reg arcade. the only problem is that you have to insert your coin at certain times or else it wont work. Hell I would build my local trevys cabinets for both ssf4 and kofxiii, if they were interested but last time i talked to them they really did not care about their arcade part of the building all that much. who knows maybe i should try a little harder this time hahaha


Yes, those are the Noir clones, and variants, I just sold my tekken 6 clone to a guy in Rockville MD, waiting for a vewlix clone, and ordered one of Kray’s kits… wont get it till feb prolly, but they are solid cabinets. I dont have any complaints except the one I ordered didnt have HDMI inputs, and as far as shipping goes, its closer to 350 a cab, its a serious investment, but if I was opening an arcade, I’d get the Vewlix clones, Aero City cabs, and if you feel like you must have a console in a cab, its not incredibly hard to mod and get a coin/timer thing like they have at CF in NYC.

I really have no complaints as far as Coinop Express goes, some people hate dealing with them, but I had a great first experience, and I’m in the process of my second purchase now…

As far as arcade boards go… the cost is not coming down, but having a game in the arcade 6 months before it comes to consoles and a decent playerbase, and you’ll make your money back fairly quick (assuming 50 cents a play and daily usage of 50 plays and an original purchase (including shipping) of 4k)


Well Im trying to get my local arcade to invest in something. They where going to get ssf4 AE but I guess the cost scared them. Im guessing they looked at a viewlix cab instead of a replica. a Kit for SSF4 AE is around 6.5k. Now IDK anything much about cabs but would it be possible to put SSF4 AE in one of these? Arcade LCD Cabinet - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

Now if they wont budge for one of those because the price still thats when I want to talk to them about the Console cab. the Token/Quarter to press start sounds good, But the loophole is if they Do versus Mode its hella free for days and no money. How does CTFs work?


That Joint looks Awesome… Are you able to connect a regular controller to it too!?


I believe there are USB ports also. I know it works like the timer lets you use the Gamertag or something. It seems like a cheaper alternative then to arcade cabs honestly.


It’s been a few months since I was in NYC - I think the token/coin allows one side to be active for a specific amount of time that ticks down on a led board on the control panel.

Each side would have its own timer or something, this is when they were running the console version. Now they have the AE, and I’m certain you can put taito x2 hardware in any of the modern LCD cabinets offered by coinop, they might need some kind of converter or something, but I dont think it’d be an issue, since they put KOF13 on the same cabinet I had (but sold).

As for buying clones and running legit hardware in them… I’d say do it. You can save 2 to 3k, and have something just as good (in my opinion, not everyone’s).


So if I can convince My local Arcade ( Q zar ) to get the SSF4 AE kit ( 6-7k ) ID would be possible to use the replica Vewlix cab?( I believe its blue ) what would be the cheapest cab? Given the Owners do want to Have more UPDATED fighting games but they are…cheap. Now Ive only Seen S/SF4 Cabs have one kit per Cabinet. So is the Actual Game 1 Player per cab ? Because KOf 13,Tek 6 and I think BB can have 2 players per cab.


it can be 2 players on 1 cab, or one player per cab and link two cabs together.
From a business money standpoint i’d say get 1 cab, 2 players, and one SSF4AE kit, see how popular it is, I don’t know your area, but a lot of the other arcades in Cali seem to have multiple set ups. If I was really gonna push the point, I’d go to another arcade with AE, get some video and ask a lot of questions during prime time playing hours and present your findings to your arcade.

Something like AE needs to be purchased soon though, as I expect we will hear something about the DLC/Console stuff in a few months, at wich point you wont make half the cash back.

The other draw for a AE in an arcade is you can host tournaments with a buy in that goes towards the prize and a portion that goes towards paying for the game it self. Weekly tournaments with a 5 dollar buy in, could bring you some extra attention ?


Thats what I wa going to try and go for, Im guessing at best I can convince them to 1 cab and have it 2 player, seeing on how it would be much cheaper then doing 2 cabs 1 player each. Im hoping with the AE cab when they Unlock/release the new characters they stay Arcade exclusive for a bit meaning more income for the Arcade HOPING they will get another cab. About how much you think it will cost in total? And does AE have to be out on a Vewlix replica ? Or can It be played on this?
Arcade LCD Cabinet - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

EDIT and how much did you sell yoru KOF13 cab for?


I sold my cab for 1200, I got tired of waiting… I should have been able to get 1600 for it if I had waited and had more patients…

Yes, that cab can support the Taito X2 hardware that AE runs on, most any cabinet, even old tube monitors can run AE ( I think, since its the VGA/CGA signal that is the output of the X2)

Taito Type X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
System 16 - Type X2 Hardware (Taito)

The cabinet and shipping was 1420.00 USD
(the reason I say I could have sold my cabinet for more, is because I spent another 400 on customs, warehouse fees and stuff like that, forwarding agents…)

Also, its hard to come by modern style japanese sit down cabinets.


Hmm yeah because Im trying to find the CHeapest way yet have a good cab still for when I talk to the owners. did you sell the KOF kit to along with the cab all for 1.2k?