Arcade ST in SoCal!



My previous Arcade ST thread here was locked and there wasn’t even a message stating why. Keep up the good work. :clap:

With all due respect I’d like to point out the fact that the Discussion & Matchmaking threads have a obvious purpose. In hopes this thread won’t be locked and that I get an infraction or possible banning this new thread will be more informative with a less opinionated title.

I’m located in North Hollywood. The last time I checked there was a ST cabinet at Japan Arcade which is located in Little Tokyo. There also was a setup at Denjin Arcade. This would probably be the best option if you want to play other people who are into Arcade ST.

If you know who I am, I’m sorry I haven’t been on GGPO lately. My computer got a gnarly virus.



Lol Jeremiah… I don’t think any of the newer players know who you are. Get your computer fixed already and lets play some ST on GGPO!


If you say something in public and get punched in the face, do you go out and do it again because you weren’t told why you were punched?


Dude I fixed my computer but keep getting a guru mediation error when mapping buttons. :sad:

That’s funny. Let’s play ST for money.


Try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Air and GGPO. Hopefully that’ll fix your problem.


Already tried that like forever ago. :sad:

I need to reinstall my os after I get something else done.


I have a ST board at my house and an AMERICAN cabby, but it’s not open to public k thx!


Let’s have a useless thread posting contest, and a challenging strangers for money over the internet contest.


If you won’t play me for money after a weak attempt at trying to antagonize me maybe you should shut the fuck up bitch. :razz:

This guy is a joke to me.

Moving on.

Including what is in my inbox 2 people have mentioned Arcade ST possibilities so far. But only one is open to the public. Anyone who wants to come with me to the public one is welcome.

Hello old friend. I’m also available for this as well.



Arcade ST on an American cabinet at Don’s Arcade. Although I believe he put in Anniversary Edition as of late.


I’ll put ST back in. It’s easy. I been wanting too anyway.


Good God, am I going to get beat up for posting in your thread?

How do people like you exist? How can you get so mad over something so minor?

You’re beginning to sound more like a troll than me.


ST is back in and it shall stay in. No more broken cheap Anniversary characters. Playing old school ST at my house is kosher again:)


^^ yo Don… put that Champ Ed. in so I can play Bison :smiley:


You missed it lol. I had Anniversary edition in for two weeks and a lot of guys were using that CE Bison. He breaks the game so bad. It was fun but you can’t really play AE seriously. It’s so broken. WW Guile is another joke lol. Fun though.


And thank you JGD Chaos for not settling for HD Remix. I hate that game. The tweaks were totally unnecessary. I have no idea why they messed with Super Turbo. It was perfection.