Arcade stand at evo2014


Where can I buy that arcade stand they are using for the super tournament on stream???


I guess you mean the stands for super turbo, right?
You can’t buy these stands as far as I know. Sergijev made these two sticks by himself.
The only thing you can do is to ask him how to build one of these.


yea those stands looked dope i would like one…is he on here?


I did not make it but I know how I would remake it from the picture. Looks like a metal stand possible something from ikea. And something that I would akin to a counter top. The most practical way to make this would be fiberglass. Metal and wood for this the weight is just going to make that thing a bear. I would build a wood frame, then make a fiberglass mold and then cast the top and bottom supports out of fiberglass. Then just build the stick like normal and finish it with Automotive paint. It would be considerably lighter. Might attempt to do that as a two piece that bolts together so it’s slightly more mobile.


You don’t necessarily want light. Plus fiberglass is notorious for splintering easily. It’s too rigid without the impact resistance of similar, harder materials like carbon fiber and Kevlar. That’s why auto brands almost never make anything out of it, they almost always got for urethane if they are not going metal.

If I was running EVO, wood would be perfect. You could build those for SUPER cheap and still look good. Big and heavy would make running off with one much harder and at home I would simply never move them.


I will link you guys to his twitch page where he was streaming how to make it later. They’re two of a kind.


Cool thanks? link?


I pretty much just got home. Anyway, here is the link. You can see him do all the welding and everything. The streams are the ones with a string of numbers instead of names.


Basically, the base is made of 2x4" rectangular steel tubing, cut & welded, with 1/4" steel plates for the diagonal upright post connections & filled with rebar for weight.The panel is 3 layers of plywood with a steel plate inlaid for the joystick & buttons. I posted a load of photos at @arkadeum on Twitter. Gimme a few days & I’ll post details here.


They were completely custom-made stands by Sergjiev himself. It was fabricated by Sergjiev, and uses PS360+ with Seimitsu LS-32 and Sanwa 30mms with RG switches. They feel like sex butter. It is glorious.

Also, they were donated to Kuroppi for all of his hard work in these past 2 years, so yay. But based on demand and design specs, I’m sure he’d be open to the opportunity to build them for pay as well.


How much would you charge to make one?


This will sound ridiculous, especially from an FGC pocketbook point of view, but I wouldn’t build another one for less than $1,500

I build this stuff using nothing but hand held power tools, welding equipment, drills, routers, etc, down to the joystick mount. Its a long process & my time is unfortunately at a premium.

The other option is to outsource almost all the work, and although the cost would come down below the G mark, they would no longer be in the realm of unique works, and thats what I was going for.

This also requires making all the diagrams, plans & blueprints available to the people making each part, I don’t have any of that as i build from the plans in my head nor have the expertise to make professional blueprints someone else could follow. I’ll talk to some ppl involved & see if this can be done without my involvement.

If you guys want these sticks, & they can be made cost-effective, I’m all for it.


[quote="eltrouble;9494714"sex butter[/quote]

What is this technology?


Google is surprisingly effective in learning what this. Huh, you learn something new everyday. I didn’t know until I tried, lol.


I know better than to google such things.


My perception of “churning butter” has now been tainted.


Then my work here is done. Changing hearts and minds is my life’s work.


I would love some pictures of the setup! (I saw it on stream but couldnt detail it well)



I’ll get some detail shots up as well as photos and info on the build process,