Arcade Stick Advice

Hi there,

I was wondering if i could get some insight into some arcade sticks. I have a chance to either pick up a MvC TE Mad Catz or a SFxT vs Mad Catz arcade stick. I’ve looked up several reviews on both but everything says that they are both decent. The only one I am leaning towards more is the MvC one because I like the art slightly more.

Has anyone here had a chance to try both? Can I get some insight regarding what pros and cons each have/what i should look for in an arcade stick?

I’ve never owned an arcade stick before. I’ll also be picking it up for the XBOX if that has any relevance.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Look around in the stickies and posts in there to find solid advice on which stick you should buy. Start with the stickies, since they’ll answer your most common questions.

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Both the sticks you mentioned about use the same arcade parts. The only significant differences would be in look/shape of the case.