Arcade Stick and competitive play Help

So I got into mvc3 when it first came out and had a lot of fun with it, then i just stopped playing it, and i was at a local cyber hub with some friends and they had a mvc3 tournament going on so i entered and placed second. I decided i wanted to start taking fighting games seriously, so i figured an arcade stick would elevate my game. I want an arcade stick that’s compatible with ps3 and xbox 360. Ive looked into the Qanba Q4’s and i really don’t like them so i was wondering if their are any other alternative multi-console sticks out their.

This would be the other option.

Also check into the Eightarc, but they’re built by Qanbas. For the price, you cannot beat the Qanba Q4.

Or you can get a used TE and Kitty dual mod it.