Arcade stick/arcade place questions!

Hey guys. Im an Australian currently on a holiday in the USA, and one of the things ive been very keen to do here was sus out the arcades/fighting game communities!
Basically, what are the “best” arcades for finding other fellow fighter players in Anaheim/LA and New York. Ive heard good things about Alex’s Arcade in Anaheim, so i was planning to go there.

Also i plan on buying an arcade controller here seeing as they tend to be way cheaper. I was hoping to buy a Madcatz stick or just anything of quality really. I was also hoping to buy in store, as i have no idea how long it takes things to be delivered. What stores do you guys know of that sell these kinda of arcade sticks?

Thanks fellas

The thread is going to be closed due to wrong location, but to answer your questions…
For store with pick-up, hunt down a Gamestop, most still have one or two - with regards to MAdcatz sticks…

As for NY Arcade/Community, go here -

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Thanks for your reply, and will do :slight_smile:

Sorry for incorrect thread location mods!