Arcade Stick Art Challenge...Win Prizes!

Welcome to my first “Arcade Stick Art Challenge,” the artwork you make will be used on a stick that i am having made for my self. I am going to be awarding the top 3 people with prizes, it isn’t fair to just give the person i am using a prize.

The contest rules are simple, follow the guidelines that i set as requirements for the stick and use the sanwa template provided for the base of it. After that, submit your peice to be judged. The top 3 people will receive a prize. First palce gets a big prize. 2nd and 3rd are just consolation prizes, nothing big but i am putting them in there because i think if you try you deserve somthing.

Start date: March 20th
End date: April 2nd

The artwork must use the small box template found here( ) and must be HIGH quality(lots of pixels per inch) Also must not go past the white mark on the bottom of the template, it must stay within the black area.

Size required: 11"x7.5"

The stick is to have a Yun based theme to it, and if any pictures of him are used they MUST be of his Roundhouse costume (black and red)

Other than that it is a free ride, some other characters i play in 3s are dudley (red/black) and yang (jab costume… standard), just to give you more options. Also i like most japanese style things, but i also like tech theme things. Grunge is good… pretty much just be your self


Terms and Conditions
Most prizes require a DVD or PC to use/play, if there are any problems here please let me know and we can try to work somthing out.

No money will be payed out, only goods.

If i dislike any artwork that is given in and if it the only one given in i reserve the right to not pay my prize, a contest can’t have 1 entrant… just doesnt work.

First Prize
Arcade Stick Parts : HAPP competition stick + 6x concave buttons, 1x Pre-Wired Dualshock PCB

Games: Original marvel vs capcom 2(dc)

Movies: Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Last Samurai, X men 2, Lodoss War DVD collection.

Consulation Prizes
2 games from the following(all for pc cdrom):

  1. Icewind Dale 2
  2. Serious Sam Gold
  3. Max Payne
  4. Deltaforce 2 Novalogic- The Art Of War
  5. Trick Style
  6. Metal Of Honor Allied Assault
  7. Quake 2
  8. No One Lives Forever
  9. Quake 2 Expansion For Online Play : Extremities
  10. Unreal 2
  11. Half Life
  12. Half Life: Blue Shift
  13. Deltaforce: Task Force Dagger
  14. Quake 2 Mission pack: Ground Zero
  15. Hexen II
  16. Red Faction
  17. Half-life: Opposing force
  18. Quake 2 addon: Zaero
  19. Quake 2 mission pack: The Reckoning
  20. Theif: The Dark Project
  21. Theif 2: The Metal Age
  22. Splinter Cell… pandora tomorrow
  23. Unreal Tournement

Any questions? Just ask…

Good luck. Please PM me when you have submitted an entry. All entrys are to be posted in this thread.

i’m on it… if i win though… somebody else can have the prize

im in also!

Count me in.

i would enter but i suck…goes back to watching Slash vids

I’m entering, but I’m going to have a hard time finding a decent picture of Yun that I can use where he has the roundhouse costume. BTW, you can check out some of my art;

in all honesty you are going to have to edit the costume ur self, there are no pics of him in his roundhouse costume…

just so you know

all of yun’s 3s sprites with roundhouse color:

Credit to Necromancer & Flowagirl of Mugen

Here’s a smaller version of the actual image.

with no offense that yun is kind of a really bad picture of him… and if you do win your name would have to be taken off of it :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno if it would look as good, but try and change the white to black in the BG

i may try this

so we can make more than 1 submission?

you shouldn’t put your submission up here… send it to him via PM, cuz then other peple can look at yours and see what he likes / dislikes about it… :slight_smile:

I’m not worried about that.

heres what i have done so far (25% size preview)

good shit man

and yea, you can make as many submissions as you want.

also, if you are not in the continental us or canada, prize size may be changed due to limitations on the amount spent on shipping.


“LOTS of pixels per inch”

Exactly how many is lots? :slight_smile:

I might enter.


Let’s hope your winners have better luck receiving their prizes than the winners of ABC X.


Maybe I’ll take part in this little contest too.


Heres what i have done so far

looks messed up cause its a small pic, but the art looks really good
when ya see it at the right size.ima add some more detail too it.

My bad DG, but that was the best yun pic i could find haha

Here is my little contribution.

Image may not look good either, it was also resized to a smaller file. But like all others, fullsize is alot better.