Arcade stick art request: color themes!

Hi! I’m looking to get a new stick in blue/yellow colors based on the blue-and-yellow Ryu palette. Black is also welcome.

I want it to be very simple, perhaps with Ryu’s 3S portrait or a color-edit of really nice artwork (preferably in a stance) and a 3S logo and my screenname nothingxs shown somewhere (preferably on a border) in lowercase and a very clean, legible font (Tahoma or something nice and circular).

You totally get extra points for having the text ‘denjin babycakes’ in the same font as nothingxs written BARELY LEGIBLY along the opposite side of the stick facing the other way (or ‘over’ the nothingxs in a way that would make ‘denjin babycakes’ and ‘nothingxs’ the same width). :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone can help me out with this request, I’d totally love you forever. Don’t forget to add some form of credit work on the stick so that people know it was you that made it (again, preferably in that same font and somewhere across one of the borders).

Bump. :frowning:

HELP ME PLS? :frowning:

Another BUMP. I’m still looking for art. 8.5x11" is what it’ll probably be printed out as.

Come on, someone please help me out here. I’m photochopically incompetent…

Keep BUMPing ‘cause I’m still needin’. :frowning:

I’ll do it.

lolz on all the BUMPs…