Arcade stick art Request

My previous request fell through so I’ll repost.
I just need help to create art for my soon to be arcade stick. I really don’t want anything fancy, as long as it’s pretty uniform and looks decent I’ll be perfectly happy.
Using this picture (mad props to original artist whoever you may be):

or if ever it’s a problem just use this one:

I’ll pay 10$ via paypal. (I don’t know exactly what is required but I don’t need the art to be printed and plastified, just the file itself by email is mroe than enough)
thanks for your time.

2nd link isn’t working.



I’ll give it a try, if I haven’t answered 'till friday then I just gave up on ideas.

Rahahaha if you’re payin then give me some specific dimensions and I’d def hook you up. I’ve been a strider fan since waay back. I put together an abstract for my strider city stick. There was another graphic I had in mind… Does it have to be one of these two pics (the original one or the one from NXC) or can it be anyone as long as it has strider and looks good?

Any kind of color theme you’re lookin for and the length and width of the image you need in inches or pixels?

Some of the sigs I’ve done can be found here:

And the two sticks I did:

It doesn’t matter, as you said, it can be any strider pics as long as it looks good. As far as the colors go, the stick base is black but the buttons and white so if that helps.
As far as dimensions go, I still don’t have them. I sent a pm to the person to get the actual dimensions but havent gotten an answer back yet. I’ll hook you up as soon as I have more info.

Amazing work though on the Strider City one :stuck_out_tongue:

In the mean time I did some graphics with the stuff goleafsgoaz requested… They are still not finished- I hope to have them finished later today or tomorrow. One with the cobra kai logo and the other with his MVC2 team and the X tag for goleafsgoaz. The Cobra Kai one is 300 pixels per inch on the real one and the X one is 150 pixels per square inch (the psd gets kinda large when they’re that big so 150 should be fine- thats what I do mine at but I did the first one at 300 because the psd file goleafsgoaz sent me was 300 :sweat:)

PM me when you get the layout Valaris :wgrin: