arcade stick art

yeah um, i always wanted to make one of these things for someone. does anyone need one or wouldn’t mine having a extra one.

Holy Shit!!! I’m in need of 2 pieces of stick art. I can’t believe the timing!

Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like the 1st (for 1st player) to consist of Ryu’s 3s profile facing right. For the 2nd, I’d like Ken’s 3s profile facing left. These will be 2 seperate sticks of course. I leave creative control to you.

pixel dimensions please.

Ooohhh, uh. I’m not really sure. I was gonna ask if dreaded fist could make me the actual stick. I’ll try to contact him and get the dimensions.

Unless somebody out there knows the dimensions already?:confused:

15x10 inches

Check your PM’s

damn good timing i 2nd that… 14.5" x 10"… the same dimensions as a mas and it has those cut edges at the bottom too… except they extend inwards like an inch more… so really just keep the picture away from the bottom corners… can you do one that has like the guilty gear cast on one side and the street fighter cast on the other… if not then give me the street fighter cast… with johnny pimping it in front of them all… you know what… just be creative with the guilty gear and street fighter cast on it… thx

if you contact Dreaded he can give you the actual template. He has one for American and one for Japanese.

jiorn- what do you mean by 3s profile.

Solaris-0 you’ll get it friday.

I think he was talking about this type of art. I could be wrong though.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

ok i’ll give you my progress in a hour.

you know what i’ll just show you now (if you want anything changed let me know):
Arcade Stick

kind of…plain

dont u think?:o

im not done yet mr.bestdesignerever:eek:

What do you mean by stick art? I don’t get it.

Eh… Couple things.
That pic of Ryu is poopy quality. Bad extracting I suppose. I should have said so before, but any way I could get it in black with limegreen like the av’s colors?

I like the design so far though.

EDIT: Oh yeah, if you were gonna do the Ken one also, just put everything in the opposite direction and replace Ryu with him.

why would u post up a non-finished piece of work??

thats just straight doo doo

retarded voiceim showing my progressretarded voice

jiorn- ok


ur still garbage either way…from the beginning to the end…:lol:retarded laugh:lol:

yah your way better than me. look, if your going to spam up my thread dont bother posting. just go talk shit about me in the beef thread. thank you