arcade stick art

ok im done jiorn, if you dont like them you dont have to use them:


Solaris- looks like your going to get yours on saturday, sunday, or monday.

:lol: :lol: <-Joy
I love them! Good work man, thanks a bunch.

Gots room for another request?:frowning:

If so, 15 x 10 inches MAS style with the botton corners cut inward. Red and Black background please, and Team MSP (Magneto, Sentinel, Psylocke) on the right-hand side and Team ROW (Magneto, Cable, Sentinel) on the left-hand side. “shorty fox” in the mid-bottom if possible. Thanx:)

Reserve one spot for me!, I will pm you with details

bored and nothings on but family guy so i decided to start an arcade stick with the specifications shorty left

is that the stick your talking about ?

Link is down:( But just think of the MAS stick but instead of 14.5 x 10, its 15 1/4 x 10.

And thanx:cool:

This is what i started last night but i think the joystick will get in the way of the left side team if i continue

thanks for the help Psycho, this stick art stuff is time consuming.

Looks great :cool: Like the background MvC pics blended:cool: Nice

Why the fuck can’t i find this faggot magneto’s mvc2 pic i hate my life :mad: