Arcade Stick Artwork Request


Hey people,

would any of you create an artwork for my arcade stick?
I know, you can do it yourself its easy, but mine just looks like crap every time^^.

Already tried asking a couple of Deviant-Artists, but are not interested or think im trolling…

Im just posting the same message that i sent them here:

hi there,
i like your drawing style so i thought id ask you to do an arcade stick artwork for me.
i would send you the template --
what i have in mind:
Characters: Juri Han, Poison (Female^^),
Sakura Kasugano, Asuka Kazama and Tira (SC)
If it looks bad because of to many characters,
you can remove one of them.
It should be a sexy picture, so bikinis/swimsuits are probably the best choice but it doesnt have to be.
nudity is allowed, it shouldnt be to explicit though.
Keep the bust size original, do lipstck and nail coloring on the chars that you think it fits on.
Im spraypainting the stick itself in Blurple
(a blue and purple mix) with clear purple balltop and clear purple burrons so the color sheme should be:
purple, pink, dark gray, white, black and blurple^^
If you have an additional color in mind feel free to use it.
Skin and hair colors should probably be kept default, but do whatever you think looks best
if youre interested, contact me via:
-MSN: same as email
looking forward to your response.

Please note that i want the artwork to stay exclusive, so send it to me via pm or email,
dont post it in the forum!

Note: Youre not doing this for free, im inclined to send a couple bucks after discussing with
the chosen person.

If you think this is a strange request, well youre probably right, im a bit weird^^
Just dont troll to much, thank you!

EDIT: I just realized that there is an official Arcade Stick Art Thread, if the Mods think it would fit better in there, just move or delete it --sry


Poison HAD a penis…

Also, in the message i said: Poison “female”.

And please stop turning this into a troll thread, as i was looking forward to a real reply…


Dont mention it, this thread will probably be moved to the official one but we´ll see.


In SFxT, Poison’s gender was listed as ambiguous. So wasn’t it up to the fans to decide on her gender?

Nonetheless… back on topic please.


looks like a lot of work for a “couple” bucks…




Youre right, i should have given more specified Information there,
the “couple bucks” imply that you can use images from the web
and dont have to necessarily draw it yourself.

If it is self drawn i will naturally pay more.

“couple” = 15-20$

selfdrawn = 30-40$


For that template that you’re describing I believe the following is fair…
Net images - 25 to 40 dollars
Drawn and coloured - 80 + dollars


@chuu: I know its very specific^^
What did you get average for your commissions?
I noticed that the vary in quality.


I use to charge 10 to 15 dollars…but I don’t do commissions anymore…it was too time consuming for very little money…LOL…


this route may cost a bit more, but i believe you’ll be pleased with the end result. i recommend CONartist jessica gaona. she did a cammy sketch for me at scr2011. she specializes in drawing women, especially female versions of male streetfighter characters. you can check out her work at good luck with your stick.