Arcade stick beginner


I was recommended to check out this forum and so far it seems nice. I’ve read most of the stickys but they do not answer all of my questions.

Since I am a beginner I don’t think I want to go for the pro sticks right away, especially when my budget is low. So, I would like a stick that works for PS3 and PC and preferably a wireless one. I’ve seen people complain on the input lag on wireless arcade sticks but other say they work totally fine.

The reason I’d like a wireless stick is because I want to play on my TV through the computer. I’d rather skip a 5m long cable. The games I’d like to play with the sticks are some arcade shooters and fighting games.

Is there something else I need to concider before a purchase?

I live in Sweden and found this stick which would cost about 30 euro. It’s corded but I can afford it. At the same time the price scares me, is there a reason why it’s so cheap? It sais to be working with PS3 Phat 3.60 and not PS3 Slim. I have a older PS3, not Slim, but I update it whenever there’s a new update. Will it still work?

The second stick I found is a wireless but it’s more expensive. Any thoughts about it? In euros it’s about 80.

Thanks in advance and I hope there’s not too many questions at once!

Any stick that works for the PS3 can work for the PC as well, its just a matter of downloading a program on PC that can recognize PS3 controllers. However, I have no experience in whether or not wireless sticks will work just as well.

Wireless sticks have lag, I’ve yet to see or use a wireless stick that doesn’t have at least slight input delay. If you don’t plan on being a serious competitor at tournaments, then wireless sticks will do the job just fine, since you’ll primarily be playing at your house.

Do all PS3 sticks need some sort of program to be able to work on a PC? The reason I ask is because I’ve tried to connect the PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller to the PC (via USB) and it worked, though not quite as I’ve wanted it to be. I have to use a special 3rd party software and restart the computer everytime I want to use the controller. Though it might not sound like a big deal, it actually is one of the reasons I don’t use it as often as I would if it would’ve just been plug and play.

The madcatz TE and SE for PS3 work out of the box for PC.
Haven’t have any experience with other sticks.

the first edition madcatz TE sticks for PS3 don’t work with intel CHIPSETS, which is your motherboard, it has nothing to do with which cpu you have Intel/AMD.

The thing with arcade sticks is you probably get what you pay for it’s not worth buying a crap stick that you can’t mod and then end up buying an actual decent stick. Have a look at getting the WWE Brawl stick and modding it with Sanwa parts. I got the stick for like £25 over here and stuck in some Sanwa parts. I’d probably say stick to wired though. A decent stick without no modding though is a Hori EX2 I’ve heard they are good right out of the box.

Better to just pay for quality. It will pay off in the end.

My bad, thanks for the correct info =)

This is untrue. The main example is the round 1 Madcatz TE.

This is not correct. It actually works with a number of Intel chipsets, including mine. However, I had to download and apply a BIOS update so that the compatibility of the USB chipset - which I believe is from VIA - is activated. In fact, it does not get activated just by installing the new BIOS version, but a new options appears at the BIOS setup that makes it possible. If I recall correctly, chipsets with VIA USB controllers are compatible with the round 1 Madcatz TEs, but it depends on the BIOS and on how the chip is wired (it has setup pins that must be connected).

Hi man, I give you my experience as Arcade Stick begginer, this summer i decide to buy my first Arcade Stick, I’m a gampad player, no arcade near my home so… console and pc. On (I’m italian) I bought Tekken 6 Arcade Bundle of the hori at 50 euro, It works on pc and there’s no configuration needed, it’s wireless.
I can’t get a fireball comes out It’s really frustating, I don’t think It’s beacuse of the cheap quality of the stick, I think suck with stick XD

Sorry for the long link, but I am way lazy to short it.

Anyhow I bought it last weekend. I payed $59. I guess the price went up, so far it has been good. I just suck with it. I haven’t tried it with my PC yet, but it should work just fine.

The PS3 Madcatz arcade sticks work but they have issue with the USB controllers inside some PCs. This is not the motherboard chipset that we are talking about…but its the actually USB controller thats it plugged into, so far Intel & VIA are good. Others aren’t so good like nVidia.

Also from my findings, the PS3 Madcatz sticks dont like sleep mode and go crazy after they have woken from “S3 - Suspend to RAM”.

Also the Madcatz Xbox 360 arcade sticks work fine on the PC and don’t have these problems!