Arcade stick box layouts / blueprints


Looking to build my own arcade stick now that I have some funds. I remember a really good site awhile back that had some nice simple layouts on it and explained all of the materials and tools you need to make your own stick. I can’t find this website I’ve been searching for it all day. I remember it had like 3 different templates to go from and there was even a cigar box stick i remember being on there. The site was really simple designed site. I really hope it’s still around or atleast the guides / blueprints are.

I tried searching the forums too. Anyone got a link to this site or can provide blueprints / a guide to some simple designs ?



i think youre referring to slagcoin


You’ll also find about 90% of your questions (and the slagcoin link) answered here


Yup that’s it slagcoin. Thanks I was looking all day and couldn’t find it then see it in that faq :wonder: