Arcade stick briefcase? =|


This isn’t a mindless “I’m to lazy to look up how to make a custom stick” impulse thread, at least I don’t think it is. If it is by all means close me down d3v =P

Anyways the point to this is instead of buying say a FoeHammer case or making one, I’ve seen people use brief cases/gun cases as their housing and like them, my question is for anyone that has done this or knows someone that has done this is there a “specific” one to buy or whatever floats my boat. I’ve mainly looked up aluminum ones but reviews say that they aren’t actually aluminum sides(just the braces and such are) the reason I ask that is because I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, would that make it easier to cut button holes but at the same time give less support?

Another thing is with a not so high end case (>$100) people’s reviews are saying that after a while, they start to show their flaws in why they are so “cheap” even if they do take good care of them, and I’m just wondering if this is a big concern with using these as a stick case, I wouldn’t mind paying the $100+ price for a better one, but is it truly worth it. So if any of you guys have experience with this I’d love some insight and tips on it.


I used to have one… It was a standard aluminum one from Staples or Office Max.
Shit took a fucking beating. It was confiscated at the airport, never saw it again.

I had HAPP buttons and a competition stick in it.
Came with a pouch I had extra QDs and buttons in.


that sucks, I’m no handy man but how hard is it to actually create a quality one, just saw some older TO wts threads From ‘rtdzign’ and he had to put a, I’m assuming custom cut, plexi for what I would guess extra support maybe.Did you have to get a plexi as well, All I would really be doing, or really be confident in doing, is drilling holes and adding hardware (buttons, stick, rj45) and then probably see if I can get James from J&J to beautify the insides.


My dad is a retired carpenter and had all those tools. He did it like it was nothing at all.
That said, after he was done, I did the wiring, which is a “regular day at the office” ordeal.


Got’cha. You wouldn’t happen to know what he used would you, just the basics?


Dremel makes a metal-cutter.
Like this:

He either used that or some kind of specialty saw.
He did it at work, so I’m not 100% sure on it.


I have a couple cases around the house that will become contollers someday. One is a leather case and the other is a black plastic pelican case.


I’ve been considering making a stick out of the Vaultz CD Wallet case. These have wood walls that can be sawed through.


Looking at more cases it looks as though a gun case would be better than an actual briefcase, for the simple fact that there’s more free room to work with and you don’t really have to worry about pockets and slots for papers to remove and ruining the inside by pretty much gutting it. If you look up “Aluminum Double Pistol Case” those seem Iike the more reasonable ones for size, and the ‘Rifle/Double Rifle’ ones for more of a Viewlix type.

The only thing I’m still concerned about is drilling the holes, especially if there’s enough room on the back and sides to drill and not make it “flimsy”


I have a small one of those for my games, the only thing is the length (I’m picky) at the very least I’d want 15" but preferably 17-20" in length.


I think this topic is worth a thread but it’s quite funny how you mention D3V.