Arcade stick broken, don't know what to do


Bought an Arcade stick a month ago (SE Modded with Sanwa Parts) and today I was playing a match and suddenly the joystick stopped responding. It still makes all the normal clicks and such, It just doesn’t respond. I tried it on my PC too and nothing has changed. What can I do? Is there some fix for it or do I have to buy a new stick?



did you mod anything else? may have to crack it open and see whats up for starters


I bought this pre modded, I haven’t opened up anything. So I don’t know what to look for. This cost me $250 in my country so I’m really pissed off, so if I lash out at this point I’m really sorry in advance. Any help in what to look for would be much apperciated.


open it up first see if anythings popped off


does it register on your pc? open up the SE… i would check the usb soldering and go from there… sounds like something broke loose… maybe something easy like the harness on the stick… but if it just stopped working all together look at the usb wireing and go from there…


When it suddenly stopped registering, what were your hands doing and touching?
Tell me exactly where your hands were.

  1. Check if the switch is on LS or DP and NOT RS.

  2. Open it up to see if the 5 pin connector is still on nice/tight.


lol THIS FIRST! haha i did that once when i got my first te… my heart dropped at first till i noticed it.


It is on DP. The 5 pin connecter felt pretty loose though, I’ll see if that was the problem


So it got to be the Connector then.
I asked about your hands to see if it pushed the switch out of DP.


Sigh yeap, works fine now that its plugged back in properly. Thank you so much I know it was such a tiny problem but it was a huge thing for me. I really apperciate the fast replies. Now I’m just praying nothing else is broken!


Tape to secure the Connector.
Or use hot glue.


I’d be worried that it would cause some kind of damage using glue on it. Ya thats how inexperienced I am lol. Although if this happens once a month I guess I’m going to have to do it : <


Hot glue is used in every electronic thing you have.

Very cheap to buy.


Hot glue is good stuff. The gun is like $4 at walmart and a pack of 100 sticks is around $4 too. Good investment. All my soldered PCB’s (padhacks) get hot glued after testing connections.


cool cool .glad to hear u are up and running bud


haha, i did that too. first time i opened it and then it wasn’t responding and i’m like WHAT DID I DOOOOOoooooo


does putting the setting on DP as opposed to LS or RS affect anything? my stick works on both DP and LS in SSF4.


LS setting lags when going back to neutral. DP does not.