Arcade Stick Buffering


Okay, so I’m trying to adapt to using an arcade stick for SFIV. Do other people here buffer their ultras with constant quarter crescents to whip out a well-timed ultra better? If so, how does one do it on a stick? I can do it for qcr left, but not qcr right. Actually, how do you guys end up holding the stick and doing qcrs in general? I can’t seem to find a reliable way to give me consistent results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


:\ Everyone can get different results but the way i started to hold my hand about 5 years ago to get better qcf/hcf etc is like a sideways wine cup. put the back of your hand on the arcade stick and slide the shaft between your middle and ring finger. Then turn it right 90 degrees so that the arcade stick ball (assuming you have a japanese ball top) is cuffed by your index and middle, your thumb completes the 'top circle and rests lightly on your index and you ring and pink are tucked in touching your palm. I know that sounds slightly complicated but it really helped me personally nail those complex motions.


thanks for the tips, but I was looking for a way to spam qcr’s in a really fast manner so a double qcr would be buffered so I can do an ultra spot on, such as anticipating for someone to jump into my ultra.

I mean, a new way of holding so i can do double qcr’s easier in general would be nice though. The style you described was sort of hard to picture, but I think I got it. I’m also having trouble doing qcr’s in terms of accidently doing srk’s. any advice there too? thanks.


No its better in the long run for you to practice how to do them correctly instead of messing up your stick and dropping your execution by spamming circle motions instead of just taking the time to learn how to do them correctly. theres no secret to getting better just time.


well, i don’t mean to do it just to do it, you know? Like, I would double a double qcr normally if I were to do it… but say in a fight, i’m a considerable distance away, and I’m waiting for them to possibly jump towards me. Well, during that time, I’d like to keep qcr’s loaded so I can execute the ultra as soon as they jump up. If I were to start the double qcr’s when I notice they jumped, it’d generally be too late for it to connect properly. Or do you suggest I don’t even do that?


I would just stick to reaction. I don’t know of any player that constantly buffers; when I’m in a situation that I could use it, I always do the motion and wait for a hit confirm, but I don’t just continuously do it. You won’t be able to do anything else if you are constantly doing quarter circles. No pokes, other specials, little movement, not able to block, etc.


you’ve got a point there, Juggy. Thanks. I’ll avoid doing it. It was a new idea of mine anyway, and it worked all right with the dpad. but I should probably just get a good reflex to it.


another thread about this?!

someone should make an sticky already


there is soooo much wrong with this thread! it makes me sad. you’re whole gameplan is to just catch your opponent with an ultra?!? I mean I know it’s SF4 and that kind of bullshit wins but come on. There so much more you could be doing.

anyway if it helps, I enter 2 “crescent” motions as quarter circle forward, all the way to back, half circle forward. it removes the “stop and go back to down” bit from the input and can be entered much faster and smoother. Also, you can negative edge ultra’s which means if you’re over there buffering to death trying to catch an opponent in a jump in you can hold down the ultra button(s) and release it when you want to perform your ultra. This makes the input more likely to happen because there is no chance you may only hit 2 of the 3 buttons on time.

the way i hold my stick is that i don’t really hold it. put your hand over the top of it kind of like it’s a tit. you see the top of most ball tops rotates so if you make small motions and let the ball spin against the palm of your hand it makes for fast smooth execution. when it comes to dashing kind of tilt your hand to the side or depending which side you may need to lock the ball against your thumb.


Hey now, that’s not really my game plan. It’s just when I’m sensing they’re going to jump. Otherwise, I do have my other options. But if I were at a low health and I’m shooting projectiles, they’ve got a decent chance of jumping, you know? Anyway, I appreciate the advice on the holds. I didn’t really want to focus this thread on how to hold your arcade stick, since it’s been said and done. I mean, I wanted to hear an option that’s easier for qcr’s and that are not prone to SRK’s by accident, but that’s about it. I went into training, turned on inputs, and realized the accidental SRKs are due to hitting the punch too soon. So, that might solve my problem.

Thanks for your help, guys.


i got the white fight stick from madzkatz is the tournament that much better ?


Just sanwa buttons and viewlix case. Not such a big deal…but maybe I’m bitter cuz mine came broke. The standard edition is quality, and you can mod the buttons easily.


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