Arcade Stick bundle confirmed


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Nice! My TvC stick is scheduled to arrive Monday from I promised MarkMan I’d evaluate the stock parts before modding it. I’ll post it up here too.


7 Buttons, and only 4 that can use turbo? Just noticed this. Not that it matters anyway just strange design.

They really should have just made it 4 buttons. But then i guess the consumer would be mad they are paying a high price they want more buttons dammit!!!


Even in TvC the arcade stick needs 8 buttons. 4 for gameplay, 2 for shortcuts (for whoever wants to use them), and the other 2 for scrolling the command list. Besides, what if I want to play something that requires more buttons with the stick? A 4 button stick for any game or console is just a horrible idea.


Which stick are you looking at? The Mad Catz TvC stick has 8 buttons and they all have turbo, just like the SFIV SE stick. I prefer 6 button sticks but 8 buttons are fine.


Sorry, the white on white, on white i couldn’t see the last 8th button.

edit: nevermind, i didn’t know that the turbo indicator works like 4 on top, 4 on bottom. Sorry hahaha. Lack of sleep and to many drugs. =)


Will be purchasing this tomorrow, along with premium for the first time ever, lol. Seriously hype about TvC, and I’ll be online with it soon as it hits my door, even though I ain’t played it ever.

This is gonna be awesome.

  1. Don’t map shortcuts.

  2. Buttons for scrolling? Isn’t that what the joystick is for?


Gamestop has the arcade stick for 01/19 release:


A whole $5 discount!


it seems a lil pricy for me maybe 15 or 20 dollars cheaper would be nice


I know, the point is the buttons have a function anyways.

I know it’s odd, but remember you scroll the movelist with ZR and ZL shrugs


The game comes set-up with dash (A+B+C) mapped to some sholder button already. The other one is something else I can not rembemer but I do know that when I change my controls that dash is already in default and that is a map of buttons correct? What is the big deal with shortcuts?


Yeah, there’s one already mapped. My point was just that if those extra buttons were not there, you could still play the game just fine. Also, some tourneys disallow shortcuts for multiple button presses, it just depends So, if you’re interested in taking the game seriously, you should probably just invest your time in learning how to play the game with the normal buttons.


Not any good ones.


Or on a pad or not at home at all. No tourneys for TvC tell you not to use default. Show me that tourney that says the default setting of r and l are taken off? The only way to play this game (UAS) is on the Wii, so the default buttons on the wii are the normal buttons right? I am just saying that they are there and no one plays arcade and no one is going to say… “Hey those default controls are wrong and take that off of there ok.” Mapped dashes are on there so I see that as what people will use if they can, you could use it for specials also and a shortcut to MEga Crash since the mapped button is all three attacks and all you need is Partner.

Do not try to stop people from doing their own thing is all I am saying, the more peope play the better. Shit play me with macros and mapped buttons and turbos. I think you will need it and I just want to play you. (I am not talking to you, yourmother I am just saying in general, I think pad in this game is easy mode because of all the DP’s and RDP’s in the game but hey do what you do yah know)


True, but if it didn’t have those extra buttons, if you wanted to play, say GGXXAC, you wouldn’t be able to play it properly with that stick (which was my other point).

Not gonna argue against the last part of the post though.


Alright, so I ordered from the Capcom Unity store and it looks like it gave me the bundle for 140 or whatever and it showed another stick in the cart for free as in $0.00. Don’t know if its just to show you have the stick or that it really is an extra stick…


Ooh, that’s interesting.


BOGO free?! How did it go?