Arcade stick button layout templates?


First thread and post on shoryuken so go easy:wonder:

basically, im wondering if theres any button layout templates for the astro/versus city style cabs (or the first 6 buttons on the Hori Real arcade 2) I am having a custom built stick made for me but the guy doing it wants the measurements/angles etc.

thanks alot!


here’s what i mean if anybody doesn’t know wtf im talking about…

picture taken from the ‘i love my custom stick gallery.’ one of Maho’s sticks

here you go and welcome to srk sir sir!

lol gumz, I think that’s the one I poorly photoshopped up to save on ink :P.

that’s a nice diagram there ape.

Hey can some one post the template for the American layout.

Here’s another one

Wow thanks alot everyone!
SRK is great! :wgrin:

Are these measurements in millimeters? 59mm between the stick and first button seems a very short distance :s

oh shit, thanks SB. i’ve been looking for this FOREVER. HAHA

Can someone please post up templates w/ measurements, for a standard American and Japanese 6-button layout?

These seem a little off compared to what I’m looking for. I’m looking for what was used on the DC agetec stick, where the right and middle buttons where aligned straight.


I agree. Is that right?

Thanks in advanced.

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i like the ones that have already been posted, i hate those tradational ones that are soo spaced out and they arnt angeled its so hard to do the Rom from MVC2 on those tradational layouts. its just not comfortable for ur fingers unless ur name is SHAQ lol

Yeah, I like that layout alot better than the regular jap layout (or at least the 1p side). It’s much easier imo. Perfect for having your thumb and index on jab and short. Alot of custom sticks have that layout, but I haven’t see a template for it yet.

I’d like to know the answer also. Thx

yes it is MM

and you can set it to your own preference

but they are usually very close to eachother

Actually, they’re 5,9 cm… I had the same problem a while ago hehe :wgrin:

I guess that the problem is that we asociate millimeters with really tiny spaces :open_mouth:

Bringing this back from the dead because I saw it in a search and I see some questions weren’t answered yet…

I am also wanting to see a couple templates; Japanese and American and also 6 and 8 buttons layouts. Measurements would be nice, but I realize it differs on which equipment you choose.

Another question I’ve wondered is what size hole to drill for a joystick. I looked at Happ’s exploded view and parts diagram for the Competition stick but they don’t indicate the size of hole needed.

I saved the pic posted by GuMz for reference. The Photobucket link that Apeman posted is no longer valid.


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Visit They have a lot of panel layouts.

For a Happ/iL joystick typically the same hole used for buttons is used for the joystick. 1 1/8 inch.

I suggest that you use the astro city layout if you are soul calibur player.

i suggest you use the astro city layout no matter what game you play :smile: :party: :smile:

Thanks a bunch for that link! I actually plan on making a case as a learning experience, then sell it if it is any good. I may actually make a case for myself one day, too.

Any reason in specific why the Astro City layout is good for SC?

I’m guessing in Japan that the sega style Astro City style cabinets are the most popular and if you where to come across a Japanese style arcade cabinet it would most likely use the top left 4 buttons and button plugs in the Forward Kick and Roundhouse Kick buttons. The American Arcade cabinets for Soul Calibur 2 use a astro like layout but it is turned inward about 15 degrees.

Astro city layout is just a nice comfortable versatile layout. Also forget about selling an arcade stick that isn’t Astro City or Vewlix layout. Very few people will buy a stick made for somebody else’s eccentric preference.

That’s what I figured. I’ve been going through the “Check out my new arcade stick” thread over the last few days (and liking what I see, btw) and noticed that’s what most people use.

I will be going with Happ Competition parts, though, but don’t feel that will hamper the ability to sell it locally too much. Here, yeah that’s a different story with all the gushing love for Sanwa and Seimitsu! And now I’ve gone off-topic. Thanks for the help, rtdzign!