Arcade stick button not responding sometimes


My madcatz te round 2 fightstick has been having a little bit of issues lately.
The mk button (B button) has been not responding sometimes while I’m playing with it.
Like when I’m using it, it will stop responding for about 4 seconds and then start working again and this is at random times and i know its just the mk button because during its time it stops responding i press the other buttons while it stops working and they work.
So, what do you guys would think the problem is with it and what would you do about the problem cuz, i have no knowledge of this kinda stuff lol.


Try opening the top panel, if you have the tools to do so. Then pull off the quick disconnects from the button in question. Plug it in with a game running and touch the two wires. If it fires every time, you need a new button. If not, maybe a bad wire or the pcb is bad. Some one should be in here soon to tell you to use a multimeter to test it and what to look for. Good luck.