Arcade stick case recommendations


I’m the market for a new case for my arcade stick and was wondering witch ones people like the best. I have been looking at the foe hammer cases and like them. I’m looking at spending about 150. Amy sugestions would be great!!


I probity forgetting some people here but just to name a few.

Project Giant Sword
Foe hammer


Foehammer would be a good choice but I recommend magocyber here on srk…does great work fast turn around time and great prices


Depending on your budget or what kid of case your looking for, Nightwalker makes beast cases!!! if you like the wood look I would recommend him. His wide body cases are great and he can also make costume cases too. and his prices are good


Yeah I deffetly want a wood case. I’m also looking for a bigger case as well something like the extended te cases.I’ll look the ones mentioned bit the voltech and b15 are out of my price range


Dude nightwalker is the guy for you! like i said before I have his wide body case which is a epic stick case!. check his topic out


Would love to get one from him but on his forums he hasn’t responded to anyone in a few weeks il send him a pm to see whats up he has nice looking cases


yeah they are legit and can make them to which ever fits your needs. and for the back he uses double plei for your artwork! he made a custome wide body case for me that can fit Happ button with a sanwa stick

best case



A clone of a HRAP2: SA case.


Thanks for the help I ended up going with this foe hammer case. I had them make it a longer


Magocyber. Quality stuff

. Nitewalker is mia right now.


i almost went for him but i was looking for a wide body case and he only dose the one size :frowning: but he was very prompt ans professional


I’m also looking for a mahagoni-case. Any suggestions?

I really like

It’s made by ecksnine (which went out of business for some reason)