Arcade Stick Connection Issues

so, ive had my stick for about a year now(SFIV Tournament edition,360) and just today i have started having issues with the pad.

i will be in mid match, and it will just dissconnect, and shut off, and i will have to un-plug it and plug it back in to work. i have never had a issue with it before, so i dont know why it has started now.

Any help?

i have changed end cables on it, and usb ports, still having issues.

I’m betting that your USB cable has gone bad - months of wear and tear caused it to break at some point. The reason it still works most of the time is that these breaks, when first forming, will remain connected as long as the cable is kept in a certain position… but move things out of place and it breaks, causing your stick to DC. Eventually the cable will reach a point where it just won’t work at all. Changing the breakaways at the end won’t help.

If you can solder or know someone who can, purchase a new USB cable from an electronics store and replace it. You get to pick your cable length and color… though you’ll probably have to spend extra for a cable that has breakaways. If you can’t solder, you should be able to find a modder who can do it. It’s a rather easy and quick fix.

There are other possible causes (your PCB may be dying), but the USB cable is probably the problem.

auuuughhhhhhhhhhh, god damn, thanks, that really did help.

so i am going to repair it myself,i have watched videos, but my concern is the innards of the stick, ripping wires and whatnot, my MAJOR issue is the circuit board wires, and where i should cut, is there a dummy’s tutorial for fixing this?

it isn’t the cable end, but the main usb cable it self.

Soldering a USB cable should be pretty straight forwards. Note where the existing USB cable wires are by position and color.
Solder the the cable matching up the correct colors.