Arcade Stick Connectivity Errors

Well, I’m completely stumped on this one. Today I got a Hori UMVC3 stick i think its the Arcade pro VX, unsure as to the exact model. Anyways, when I finally got to hooking the stick up to my laptop I had the drivers not found message. Its a Xbox 360 version, I have all the xbox 360 controller drivers installed as I’ve previously used my gamepad on the PC.

This is the bit that gets me though, when I decided to try on my older laptop to see if I’d get the same drivers not found message. It works perfectly on the older computer. Both laptops are windows 7 service pack 1, x64 systems. Both are intel chipset and have i7 processors.

They are very similar systems but as you can see it doesn’t work on my newer laptop, this wouldn’t be a problem if the older laptop had any games on it or even had a working monitor.

Anyone have an ideas on this?


I managed to get this working after a little futher tinkering, if anyone has this issue then do the following:

Device Manager - Right click the arcade stick - Properties - click on the Hardware tab - then Properties again - click Change Settings (will need admin rights) -
go onto the Driver Tab and click Update driver - go Browse My computer for Local Files - Select Let me pick from a list of Device drivers on My computer - select View All - Go to Microsoft and then select the xbox 360 controllers for windows manually.

This will boot the correct drivers for you, if you somehow have multiple version of the xbox 360 controllers for windows drivers make sure to select the most recent as of this date anything past 6 will be your best shot.

This guy.

This guy right here.

Thank you a ton! Thread necros be damned, this just fixed my issue with my new Hori RAP VX SA Kai. Worked a treat. Thanks again!