Arcade stick controllers

Hi Guys,

I live over in the UK and i’m havign a real hard time getting my hands on any hori or other good arcade controllers, any ideas on where I can pick one up either in the UK or in the US, I’m not fussed about the cost, I just want a good controller, my SF anniversary edition pads just arent up to the job.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


there you go :

Ive got it 5 weeks ago and it GREAT.:lovin:

Sorry, I should have clarified, I was looking for a hori stick for the ps2 with the dipswitches.

I’ll be sticking to the PS2 version of 3rd strike after a couple of years playing on the dreamcast have killed my DC arcade stick and this will be a platform that will be around much longer than the dreamcast.

You might want to check this thread:

Excellent cheers.