Arcade Stick Design – Schematics Collection


While working on modding / creating my personal sticks, I realized that various quite useful schematics had to be “hunted” down around the web. Therefore I decided to collect them in one document to serve as an easy point of reference.

As stated in the credits section, I do not claim ownership over the info, nor any affiliations. It is just a collection of various schematics, measurements collected from various sources (SRK included).
If anyone is offended, notify me and I will remove the offending parts. If anyone knows or has a schematic that may be useful attach to this thread along with the appropriate credit and I’ll update the document in due time.
To avoid misunderstandings this is not a complete list, I have added together the most commonly used schematics (in my opinion) to serve as a basis. Any help / suggestions to make the document more complete is welcome!

  • 26/04/2010: Updated to include Arc-Eye diagram as appears on Arc Eye thread