Arcade stick disconnects on PS4


My arcade sticks keeps on disconnecting on the PS4. I used a madcatz PS3 stick at first, and i thought that it was something funky with the firmware or something.
Then i bought a new Hori RAP 4 for the PS4 and the same problem appeared, it keeps on disconnecting (like every minute).
I have searched and searched on the web and noone else has this problem.
It must be either the USBs on the PS4 that are the problem or some firmware malfunction. I have fast initialized the system and it didnt help.

If someone knows the answer i would be the most grateful!

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Disconnect Issue

is the sticks replicating the same issues on your PC?


Nope it was just on the PS4. I managed to “fix” it with an USB port extender with an external power source. So my PS4 has faulty USB ports that cant produce enough juice for the sticks i guess. But for future references this problem can be fixed with an USB port extender if someone has the same problem as i.


i do have the same problem . can you send me the link for that usb and power source im such a noob


Any powered USB Hub. If the USB Hub comes with a AC Wall adapter its what you want to use.