Arcade stick doesn't work


I have a Hori tekken 6 arcade stick for PS3/PC so I plug it to the PC to play marvel vs capcom 1 (on PS3 the arcade stick works perfectly) now I try to play the game the buttons work just fine but the stick itself (the one that you use to move the character etc.) doesn’t work however the PC at the options seems to recognize the device and it shows movment on the options but in game etc. it doesn’t work pic:


Make sure your stick is set to act as the D-Pad, at the moment it looks like it’s switched to left analog or something. A quick google tells me that you can switch it. So I assume there’s a switch on the stick somewhere.


Nope I don’t have a button like this


Sound’s like the hardware is working perfectly, however your emulator’s input settings may need to be setup differently. When a PS3 controller is used on PC, the D-Pad is recognized as a Point of View Hat, vs the X and Y axis which other controllers and the like may use.


what do I need to do?


I think he means try the emulators config menu.Look for a input config and see if you can click on up then press up on the stick and it will reconfigure it.