Arcade stick faceplate

I didn’t see anything about this in any thread so I created one. I wanted to know if you have to used more than one drill bit to make 6 different holes in a stainless steel faceplate. Do you guys know if the bit is going wear out after drilling 2 or more holes, if so how many 30mm bits do you guys think I should buy.

Well I have no experience cutting metal, but I think I can make clear (if it is not already obvious) you will want a hole saw and not a spade or forstner bit. They’re usually pretty tough and I think you’d only need one, but I’ll leave that assessment to someone with some experience with this.

it depends on the bit type and material the bit is made of. i don’t have much experience in metal cutting so i would ask somebody else about the bit material. I would say diamond or carbide bit.

Stainless steel is one of the more difficult metals to work with using conventional tools. I would recommend finding some aluminum to work with instead. Then listen to Slagcoin and get a holesaw. Good luck. :tup:

Where did you find stainless steel? That sounds awesome.
IMO, aluminum’s too soft, if mounted with no other support. Like in this pic…

^^That’s steel, but I’m using just for illustration of what you shouldn’t do with the same gauge aluminum.

I recommend you use a 1-1/8 in (29mm) hole saw instead of 30mm so you don’t run the risk of over sizing the hole. If you prep correctly, you’ll only need 1 29mm bit. Also, make sure you have some sort of lube.

  1. Make sure you drill straight.
  2. Make pilot holes 1st, since it’s harder to keep the bigger hole saw bit from walking on you.
  3. Drill on a flat surface.
  4. Make sure your panel is clamped down .

gl with ur stick dragonjab

This kind of holesaw?

I think I’ve never seen them in 29mm.

What’s the hole size for the stick? 24mm?

as long as the holesaw is HSS, and I think the size of a sanwa stick hole is 21mm?

Thanks guys for all your answers. Oh and infoseeker I’m trying to make a 24mm hole for my stick and 30mm for my 6 buttons. Thanks grokslam, slagcoin and everyone. Timoe I think I’m going to go with aluminum theirs plenty of that and stainless steel in my job.

I got a set of those and it has a 28mm indeed also i have an individual hole saw from 30mm so… maybe he can use the 28mm hole saw and then he can lightly-sand the hole to get the proper size.

DJ, Send Byrdo an e-mail.

Both the tops and bottoms of his sticks are reinforced with Metal. I believe he uses alumnium, but don’t quote me on it.

awesome dude I’m going to do that. One quick question do the metal top he uses bend when you put pressure on top with your hands. How thick is the aluminum he uses if he uses any.

I’d guess 1/8" and theres lexan over it. Byrdo’s sticks are like rocks, theres no movement at all.

If it moved, I wouldn’t be kicking your a$$ so badly on live haha :P.

keep dreaming, Thanks for the info.

i work with aluminum. bi metal hole saws work just fine.(home depot, Ace, Lowes, Sears) should all carry them. Try and get 1 or 2 mm smaller than what you actually need. As far aas how long they last, well you going to need some kind of lubricating fluid. I use Long Life Cutting and Tapping Fluid. it works great makes drill bits, hole saws, jigsaw/chopsaw blades last a really long time. The thickness of the faces on my sticks is usually either .090" or .125" thick. I work with only high grade aluminum and it is very tough.

Thanks dude that was the answer that I needed. Thank you guys for your support. Mods yah can closed this thread if yah want to.

Don’t close, I think I’ll have many questions when I start working with aluminium (maybe next week) and I don’t want to make a whole new thread for the same subject.

now that I think of it this thread could be help full with answers and questions on how to work with aluminum and different kind of steels.

yes, a FAQ of working with aluminium

OK, I’ve got a question. DJFunkShun said above that he uses .125" thickness aluminium. In milimeters, they are 0.3705 mm, and according to Slagcoin site:

So how can you put acrilic, lexan or whatever over the aluminium, and still being able to use the snap-in buttons? Does the acrilic exists in ~0.3 mm thickness?

Hope someone can guide me here, I’m confused.

EDIT: Oh, and other question. What would be the ideal way to mount the JLF on an aluminium faceplate? Check the quote above, here’s the site anyway, Slagcoin.