Arcade stick for: GGxrd main game and SFV

Hi guys…I think is time to buy an arcade stick. I am a PC USER. I play on keyboard but is not so comfortable in my opinion. I play Street fighter V, KOF, MAIN GGxrd, and VF5. Which arcade stick I should buy?
-Madcatz te2 if compatible with pc

  • etokki jap or Korean
  • hori v4 habayusa
  • qanba q4
    I am worried about GGxrd…is a fast game…with Korean stick I have faster input then sanwa joystick?

i saw this guide. but i am answering not the best stick, but the best stick for these games on PC (ggxrd, sf, kof and vf)

i did a post similar to this 3 days ago i am noob knowledge;a person said me etokki have better material for case but is a little harder to mod, and pcb is not so good…madcatz te 2 work perfectly on pc and no issues but less quality case material but easier to mod… for game u said i think for Sf series are better sanwa buttons and stick, for ggxrd i dont know, kof i think Japanese stick(sanwa).for 3d games is better Korean stick for faster neutral postion for tekken is the best for VF maybe is the same bb…but wait more expert ppl

JLf or Hayabusa works just fine for SFV/Xrd, that’s what the majority use.
Hori v4 will be the cheapest and it’s PS4 compatible in case you buy one in the future. = Uses Hayabusa
Etokki Omni Sanwa is the nicest but costs more and not PS4 compatible = Uses JLF

if i undersatand good… for ggxrd and SF sanwa is ok…for kof and virtua fighter better Korean stick? Etokki omni sanwa have the sae component of madcatz te2?if y, why is better?

Balltop vs baseball bat is preference. Personally baseball bat just a bigger grip than simple balltop.
Just my opinion balltop more comfy but some peeps would say otherwise. I think tekken had a korean scene with those types of sticks at one point during 6.

Never had much experience with one of those but since the grip area is almost the whole stick, better for movements maybe if you’re an arm person.
Now personally balltops should be a hand/wrist/fingertip thing other wise you gonna be missing a lot of inputs.

if Korean have more grip, Japanese is faster for game like ggxrd and sfv… for vf5 (3d like tekken) is better Korean?