Arcade stick for PC?

Which one should I get? I would prefer it if it were compatible with 360 and also looked nice but I’m mostly looking at comfort and button sensitivity. I am thinking about getting the Blazblue 360 one and then swapping the buttons to be a more suitable. Also I prefer the Japanese style one (the one with a ball on top, not a gear changer from a car).

just use any stick compatible with xbox 360.

The regular Madcatz SE is sloped where your wrist rests and it’s noticeably more comfortable to play on than other sticks.

All other sticks are about the same as each other as far as comfort goes, unless you have certain needs (i.e. not wanting to play on an 8 button stick, wanting more space between the buttons and the stick, or needing more space to rest your hands)… in which case just look at pictures and decide for yourself if it fits your needs.


The SE stick is SHIT.
I got a 360 TE stick, and i actually feel myself getting better everytime i play ST.
I do have a SE stick for when people come over and may prefer it though.

That’s cause you haven’t modded it yet. Get any PS360 stick, or a PS2 stick with a converter.