Arcade Stick for PS3

where to buy a really cheap Arcade stick for ps3 what store they have it at

Most stores don’t sell fightsticks. You might be able to find one occasionally at GameStop or Fry’s. Usually people buy sticks online though.

Arcade sticks are too niche of a market for most stores to consider carrying them.
Even the Gamestop and Best Buy near my area will not carry them excluding limited edition bundles.

Your best bet is Online.

Might try Walmart for those hori mini sticks that are roughly 40-50 bucks.

Yeah, the Hori mini stick is your best bet. Check Amazon, it should run about $40. Or your local Craigslist might have some, but you’ll have to do several searches, switching the terms.

Agreed to previous posts. Online is the best bet. I’ve gotten nice deal on local Craiglist. Snagged a Mad Catz TE round 2 with and extra Sanwa JLF and 14 sanwa buttons all for $55 because he gave up fighting games. Craiglist can be a steal if you are lucky, even on Ebay. And don’t count out the SRK trading outlet. :wink:

However, I have seen fightpads at local Gamestops. fightstick might be rare to come by in store.

I strongly Disagree against getting the Hori Mini Stick at $50.
There is a reason I leave out these el-chepo sticks from the What stick to buy guide.

I remember you and your avatar. Didn’t you ask something like this last year?

What about TE sticks

Why you wait Now of all times to get a TE? Evo had a amazing deal on the SCV stick…I think it was going for something like $60 or somethin’…it was a steal…everything is back up to around $100 by now.

i had the same problem, been trying to get into fighting game, after having ssf4 sitting on my shelf for years. i missed all the great deals on the TEs during the last few months. tried to bid on a used one on ebay, but they always ended up with a price that i wasnt really happy with. all used TEs are about $80, so you mind as well get a brand new one from amazon for 100. amazon itself is selling the sfxt te pro line for ps3. in my case, i ended up geting a hori v3 kai from ebay , new and shipped for a little under $150. i got that because i knew if i ended up geting a ps4 later down the road, i can still use the stick for my comp. i realized sticks are pretty expensive, and if you really wanna get one, you mind as well get a decent one , without wasting money on a cheap one and having to constantly upgrade.

He’s either really trolling or really stupid. Check his post history.

The $50 Hori Minis don’t make the cut. Issue with this hobby if nothing else, there is the high cost of entry.
Even if you went the DIY route, there no way to make arcade sticks quality and cheap at the same time.