Arcade stick guide?

I would like to make my own arcade stick and I was wondering what do I need to make a standard stick? 8 or 9 buttons and a 8 gate joystick, etc. things like that

I searched and couldn’t find a thread over this. Can someone redirect me to a guide you used to make one? I love making stuff and this’ll be a fun challenge. I would like to make this from scratch.

I am just looking to make a standard stick with a custom fit for my huge hands.

Honestly. did you look at the stickies? cuz. its all there.

Also - Enjoy building a stick! its lots of Fun!

as for actually building the case there are threads for that on here too. It’s fun to make your first stick. Mine was a mass clone (the sfac stick is what i attempted to make…) of sorts made from plywood. It weighed close to 20 pounds and looked like hell but i loved it.

I started a similar journey about 1 year ago and here is a list of the tools I have acquired / used to make a couple of cases from the frame, control panel, to the plexi.
[]tablesaw (Rigid 4510)
]router (Craftsman 2hp router) Now wish I would have gone with a DeWalt or Bosch
[]router table (DIY out of some leftover ply and 3/4" MDF for the top / fence)
]router bits (1/2" round over, 1 3/8" rabbeting, 1/2" straight, etc…)
[]drill press (Craftsman bench top model)
]Forstner bits (24mm and 30mm are all you really need)
[]biscuit joiner (Porter Cable 557) Not necessary, I found one cheap at a pawn shop though and use it instead of other joining methods
[*]combination square
Other than that all I can say is order up the parts, take measurements, and draw up some plans accordingly. Slagcoin is definitely a good source for info though and I read through that site a couple of times. There are some excellent threads here on SRK as well. Some of my favorites are the woodworkers thread, the new stick thread, the mirror finish on mdf thread, the rj45 guide, and the artwork thread.

Lastly, IMO, before even lifting a single tool I would work out a plan in SU. Here is a basic 16" x 9" case / plexi file that I drew up that you can download and mess with if you care to. What I do is try out different edge treatments (round over, chamfer, combo of both, etc), different colors, add graphics, place components, and a host of other things. For me drawing it up helps me think of the process of how to build it with the most efficiency as well. What jigs I have to make, what order I have to do the processes in, and so on. If only I would have done that in the beginning I could have saved myself a lot of time, instead I made a big pile of firewood…

Edit: Here are some links to some components I have drawn for arcade sticks as well. They are drawn to exact dimensions as the actual component. This winter in my down time I will be ordering a lot of parts and modeling them to scale too.
[]Sanwa JLF
]Switchcraft RJ 45 pass through

thank you guys, this is beyond helpful, I think I should start getting my materials and I may start construction spring/summer when I have more time, I want this to be a decent stick.