Arcade Stick Hand Layout Question

Sup guys I hope I’m posting this in the right thread category but here’s my question,

My default hand layout consist of my thumb on LK,Index on LP and middle between MP and HP like when I do most of my combos with Ryu, I use my thumb for the kicks and use my index and middle fingers to handle the punches but in training mode I tried putting my ring finger into play (like the way you would do Akuma’s Raging Demons to give an example)to do some of Ryu’s combos and BnB’s but my hand was feeling a little awkward after like 10 mins of practice but I feel if I put this into play in the long run I could pull his more complex combos,FADC’s and Ultra with more ease so my question is,

Should I just stick to the method I’m used to or master this type of hand layout?

If there is another method please tell me how.

BTW I use a Hori EX2 stick to give you an idea for your answer thanks in advance!

You should research a little more before posting a new topic.

just sayin’.


Always helps me. Print out your favorite layouts on paper and test. For a more indepth review, dry install your components on some cardboard.