Arcade Stick Hand Position

Well new on stick…And i did read the sticky about arcade stick grips…And i got my grip buuuut what about my right hand…Yes, this question is going to sound stupid lol sry…Um do people usually hit lk with their thumb or index finger?? Um Yes my IQ has dropped 10 points lol…I am just seriously wondering what is the common way most people hit there lk on stick…

some people use all 5 fingers
some people just use 1

a lot of people use their thumb for focus, throw, taunt but some just use 1(or 2) fingers and lay them across the buttons

whatever works for you, it really doesn’t matter.

Sometimes I use my index finger sometimes I use my thumb. Thumb use on lk is usually for a grab. Like Kelter said, whatever works for you.

I don’t own a stick myself, but whenever I play MVC2 at an arcade, or ANY fighting game on an arcade cab, I’d use one finger for like something that requires 2 buttons. So to focus or throw I’d slam one finger on both light attacks or both medium attacks. From there, I just one finger for everything else. Something like lk feels weird with my thumb because ppl use their thumb for analog stick movement on controllers rather than pushing buttons.

Indeed…You guys are right, it about comfort…Was using thumb for short and my thumb started to cramp up lol…Now i use index and just thumbs to fadc or throw…

I only use my thumb for grab/focus/taunt and use my index for LP/LK, middle for MP/MK, and ring finger for HP/HK. My pinky sees zero use.

The reason why I don’t have my thumb dedicated to LK is because having too many of my fingers pressing buttons keeps my mind too preoccupied on which finger I should use to press each button. My mind can’t even deal with having 8 buttons, so I also disable the PPP and KKK buttons.

Things get a little more complicated when I start double tapping and plinking my links because I use only my middle and index fingers for those inputs on every button. Eventually you can get used to these inputs as they simply become a part of the muscle memory you develop for each combo you do where double tapping and plinking are used.