Arcade stick Help

I have a TE stick, and the handle, which you hold with your left hand, it is not tight, and isn’t comfortable. Does anybody know how to tighten it well? i’ve twisted it for a while and no difference

If you’re talking about the black joystick shaft cover, then it is not designed to fixed, but to always rotate. You can remove this if you take off the balltop then slip the cover off, but you’ll be left with two very loose dust covers.

If you mean the joystick balltop then you can tighten this by opening up the top or bottom plate, then use a flat bladed screwdriver to hold the shaft steady while you twist.

i mean the balltop, i took the ball off, ive tried putting it back in but its not tight

Then do what I said above.

is there a video which shows this?

On the bottom of the actual joystick, inside of the controller.

You see a slot that looks alot like a flat head screw driver slot.
Place a flat head screw driver into that slot and twist as you tighten the Ball top back on.

Although not the same model of joystick you would have in a TE, the basics are still the same.
See the slot on the bottom of the metal shaft here. That is where you want to put the blade of your flat head screw driver in and hold the shaft still as you twist the ball top back on.

I also need some help with my stick but I have a different problem. One day while playing I managed to build up some static electricity and when I was done playing proceeded to get up and discharged the static on my stick. I have a Madcatz TE MvC3 stick, the static was discharged in the upper left corner and I seem to have shorted out the PCB that controls the joystick. All of the buttons work and the control panel works as well, I ordered a new joystick hoping that was what was broken but it did not fix the problem. Now I need to see what my options are, I tried contacting Madcatz through which is where I ordered the stick but have yet to receive any response. If anyone knows where I might be able to get a just the joystick PCB, if that’s even possible, or if you have any suggestions it would be much appreciated.