Arcade Stick Help


I don’t know much about arcades sticks, but I was wondering if anyone can help me with the face of the joy stick. I would like to purchase it from them since out of game rage, I decided to hit it… and unfortunately it broke. My reason? Cause instead of doing an ultra (3 times within 3 matches)… the character tried to throw. It had done it a few time before, and I got so mad I hit it.

I can live with the controller the way it is as the person who helped me before (far away though) did an excellent job with the controls. He’s been busy, so as far as the joystick, I do have a slight issue, but it’s really the stick itself.

So unless someone wants to help me with all of it… that’s cool, but I’m really looking for a control panel or a joy stick face plastic portion to hold the buttons) that would replace the current one. Can anyone help me with this? I’m in Northern California. I’ll appreciate any response. Thanks.

I’ve included the pic to show the cracks made from my “rage”… sad I know… I now realize I have to control that when it comes to this game.


Holy crap. Since you live in Northern California, just go to a Tap Plastics, they can do this type of stuff. Shouldn’t cost too much. I suggest that you go with more durable Lexan this time so the only thing that will break is your fist if you decide to abuse your stick.


I bit a controller once and I’ve tossed a few across the room but, this is some extreme raging.


Lack of composure = Lack of advice


Thanks to everyone for responding. First and foremost, Shenakuma… yeah, I need to work on that for sure. I need to practice meditation I believe. Thanks, even though its not really an advice, I was something I needed to hear.

rtdzign - Thanks for the tip. I will check the place you mentioned out. I never plan to abuse my stick, but SF4 does make me mad every so often… just like shenakuma said, lack of composure

Kelter - It is extreme! I regret that I’m not as calm as I could have been.