Arcade stick in dpad or LS mode?


I’m fairly new to sticks. Does it make a difference if the arcade stick is set to d-pad mode vs. left stick mode?


It most certainly can. Just leave it in DP setting.


LS has noticeable lag.


Yes, very much so. Left stick has significant lag.


Thanks a lot guys. Also, anyone here got any tips on dashing? I can do it fine in umvc3, but in ss4 I really struggle to consistently hit left left or right right consistently.


Just practice it, and don’t hit the direction too hard. People say not to ride the gate, but in this situation I think everyone hits the side of the gate. How are you holding it? I use the Daigo grip (wineglass between pinky and ring finger).


I’m using the traditional wineglass grip. It’s hard to explain but I think what I screw up mostly is after hitting left or right I don’t move the stick all the way back to the middle before hitting left or right again, so it only registers as left or right once. Or also I may for example when dashing left move the stick too far to the right so it registers a right input, so it won’t dash bc I did left right left.


Stock JLF has a large throw so dashing is a lot more difficult on that stick compared to say, a LS-58 or LS-40.z

You can also let go really quick and tap the ball with the tip of your fingers using only your wrist to move, it’s a bit faster than having to tap using your elbow because of a wine glass grip. Learning how to quickly change will help.

Another thing worth noting is that you can hold back, FA, and then press back again to get an easy dash if you’re trying to dash out of FA. Same with forward, walk forward, FA, then press forward again to dash out of it.


Thanks for the tips I’ll try them out. I’m using a hori rap v3 sa but I have no idea what kind of stick is in it.


Dashing’s pretty easy in umvc3 since you can do it with 2 punches. Much easier.

You just gotta practice the dash motion. No tricks or shortcuts for this one. Tap left by using your thumb. I tap right by only using my pointer or middle finger only to tap the motion. It just feels easier and more natural for me.