Arcade Stick input help


Hi, i bought an arcade stick yesterday (square), and i have a question on corner input.

Let’s say i wanna start my motion with down-forward. Is it normal that my input for down-forward looks like this?

As you can see, i can rarely just input down-forward. It usually inputs a down or a forward first, until i establish the corner. Is this normal? If so, is it fixable?

As a result, if i wanna use a shortcut on my shoryuken to start down-forward instead of forward, i often do an hadoken instead.



Because sticks are using switchs:

So it’s really tight for making them both input their direction at the same time.
No real solution here, just do clean inputs.


By clean inputs you mean to do the standard f-b-fb-f instead of starting with fb correct?


No I mean f d df.


yeah right, i used to end on a f.

Thanks, glad it’s normal, because the stick was bought used, so it could be malfunctioning


Sticks are great for ending in corners (df, db, uf, ub) because you can “lock” your input easily.