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Hey, I just got my Fin Aid money for school, and Im planning on FINALLY getting my 360 and that means getting MvC 2, Super SF 4, SF 2 HD Remix, and BlazBlue Continuum Shift. Ive never gotten a arcade stick before, is this a pretty good one? I know for MvC 2, you need 6 buttons for LP LK MP MK HP HK, then you need the 2 extra ones for Assists. But for the other games, I dont think the extra 2 are needed, or atleast Im not aware that they are. Is this stick compatible with all the games listed here?

Yes, it is. SF4/2 is 6 buttons, BB is 4.
8 buttons is plenty.
There’s rarely any “compatibility” problems between sticks and fighting games, so no worries.

actually for MvC2, you only need 6 buttons total. there is no MP or MK button in MvC2.

also the buttons are mapped slightly different in a MvC2 TE stick, compared to the normal TE sticks. so you’ll have to remap for SSF4

MvC2/SSF4/HDR all require only 6 buttons, and BB only requires 4. And yes it’s compatible with all games.

The difference between the MvC2 sticks and SF4 sticks is simply the button placement, so depending on which you’ll get you’ll likely just have to mess around with your button config in some of the other games (you actually almost definitely will have to mess around with some configs), but outside of that it’s fine.

So even if I get this MvC 2 stick, I will still have to press the LP/LK buttons twice for MP/Mk? Wtf… I guess im gonna have to get used to that. All the street fighter and cross over games just have the 6 button scheme, so I thought it would be the exact same… When I saw this controller I just thought that the 2 extra buttons at the far right would be for assists. And as for remapping, is that just going to the options screen and changing the controls around? :slight_smile:

MvC2 always used this control scheme. Even on arcade.

get the TE & you’ll be good to go!

Always good to see that money getting put toward a good cause :lol:

2 things happen this time of year. A million relationships end and people start buying shit with financial aid. - Buy Official Street Fighter IV FightStick for Microsoft Xbox 360 - Xbox 360

Hey I just came across this… Its only 70 Dollars… Is there any real difference from this one and the first one I posted. It would certainly help me alot if I could just get this one and pretty much get the same quality with alot less to pay.

Yeah the buttons are a piece of shit. You will definitely have to replace them. I keep hearing the joystick will give way too. So 8 buttons cost like 3 bucs to replace them… around 24 bucs. The joystick is like 24 bucs and with shipping that’s around 6 dollars. To replace everything is going to cost 74 bucs on top.

However, it is a good starting joystick. =]

Really bad quality parts, the Joystick and Buttons.
That is the only difference, except the obvious Case.

24+24+6 = …74?

it will cost approximately 55 dollars to get the correct parts for a Madcatz SE stick. Just did the math myself on Lizardlick :slight_smile:

Sorry, i’m tired lol 55 is about right.

OP if you are patient and WAIT, usually markman will have a sale for a TE stick at 99 dollars.

SE is the cheapest stick but when you try a TE stick, it will change you, doesn’t require any modding also.

Alright then, since I have the money I’ll just go ahead at get the Tournament edition MvC 2 stick… Thats about 600 Dollars total w/ everything that I’m gonna get… Gonna get the 360, MvC2, SF2 HD, BB CS, SSF4, Halo 3 and MW2 w/ the Stick…

Quick note, the MvC2 TE’s have a slightly different button layout to fit the default config for MvC2.

They have:
X Y RB RT / [] /\ R1 R2
A B LB LT / X O L1 L2

Instead of the usual:
X Y RB LB / [] /\ R1 L1
A B RT LT / X O R2 L2

Since the assists are mapped by default to R1/RB, L1/LB. - Buy Official Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition for Microsoft Xbox 360 - Xbox 360

Meh, my local gamestop doesnt have the MvC 2 TE stick, so I’ll just have to settle for the SF 4 TE

A TE is a TE. its the SAME EXACT stick. You could just as easily purchase a mvc2 artwork plate and just put it on your TE

Ok thats good to know. I would have gotten everything to day but I have a friend who still mite have a 360 that he is selling. It would certainly help If I could save some money cuz theres some other things I gotta do w/ this money…