Arcade Stick Issue


I have a Mad Catz TE Stick Dual Modded- The issue existed before the Mod

There are times where a button on my layout stops working entirly. This has been happening on and off but its just enough to drive me nuts (Anything higher than once drives me once)

The button issue only occurs with the same button

After unplugging and replugging the problem fixes itself then reoccurs after a half full of usage.

What exactly could I do to make sure this does not happen?


You are not giving any information.

Is the TE an Xbox 360?
Is the button either LT or RT?
Is the problem happen on Xbox 360?


Sorry, the te is for xbox360. It’s for the button whatever HK is, I do not know the names. I want to stress that this problem was going on BEFORE the dual mod and still exists after

The problem happens on 360

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Then the links above apply to you.

Test out the second link first.
But you have to report back.


Ugh. I read the threads you forwarded me to. Would a “little notice” fix of crossing the wires work? I have two tourneys in the span of two days. I don’t think I could get the solution fixed by tomorrow, or even wendsday.

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Because there is no way to fix the issue except replacing the PCB.
We need more people to test out the above links to see if the problem can be fixed.

If you play with only six buttons, then you can switch some wires around.

You are this right now.


Change to this.



Ok cool I figured as much. I’m going to try the second one first, I have some friends help me through it. I’m so bad at this kind of stuff.

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