Arcade stick issues....


Hi all,

I’ve been having some issues with my arcade stick lately. I added a bunch of new sanwa buttons to my T5 hori stick years ago, so I have some experience soldering/opening it up…etc. I’m very confused about what’s happening now though. Basically, sometimes when I do an up input, the start button gets triggered.

I’ve opened up the stick (I can provide a pic later), and I honestly can’t find any logical reason this is happening. The wires are not near each other and I’ve put plastic ties around the button wires and stick wires to keep them separate. The only thing I could think of is that the button is sensitive enough that me moving the joystick around is causing the housing to vibrate enough to activate the button. Although this assumption would be weird considering it only seems to happen with an up input. If that is the case, I do have an extra button I can switch out for it.

Does anyone have any other input about what could potentially cause this? Thanks!


just got home to do some testing. the problem is definitely still happening with a new start button AND when I completely remove the button. this means it has to be an issue with the PCB right?? I really have no idea otherwise how contact would be coming through them. I don’t see any contact on my (very shitty) solders. here’s an album with pics:


Make sure the there no shorts, that nothing is causing the circuit paths to touch each other on the PCB.


I looked at the PCB and I can’t really see where the start and UP signal line can be touching. Considering the age of that PCB, it is possible that it is breaking down on you. Maybe you should consider getting another PCB.


Except it does not work like that.


Clearly something is happening and like nsdothack said, the age of the PCB can play a considering factor. I’ve seen weirder shit in old electronics and computers, so its entirely within the realm of possibility.


What I would do is clean up the cabling even more by trimming, more cableties and a hot glue gun, also new wires for the joystick buttons to the board. Now this is one (my personal favorite) way to go through the entire setup while improving it, I hate to waste time “just looking” (unless you have a multimeter).

Are you near any electronics store that may provide the .187 quick disconnects for the joystick? This would be the way to go for ease of use.

Worst case scenario something on the chip got crossed and you need a new pcb, which it’s a good investment in itself.



retrace your wires back to where they came off the PCB and redo them
Make sure you’re not mixing them up