Arcade Stick Kits


Hey, n00b here, but I have experience with a soldering iron…

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone was offering kits? I see a lot of places giving advice on what to buy, I see that boxes seem to be hard to come by, and over all modding seems pretty easy.

But, are there any full blown, byo/ diy arcade stick kits, for use on a home console (PS3, Wii, 360)?

I’d like to see a bunch of instances, if there are any…


I would like to know this as well. I do know Voltech makes a DIY kit, but isn’t offering his services right now until he clears his backlog. You can find his thread a few pages back. I’m curious to see any other options that may exist though.


Not as far as I know. You’ll usually have to purchase the case, parts, and electronics separately.

If you don’t know all what you’d need to buy, there is a shopping list at slagcoin (one of the sites in the essentials sticky).


You have to buy the parts separately. Get a case from one of the guys here who does cases (Voltech, ecKsniNe, etc.), get a PCB from Toodles get a controller to padhack (if you want XBox 360), get the stick/buttons from a place like lizardlick or modchipman and then ask someone like me to do some art or come up with a design (unless you already have one) then all the bits and pieces together.


All you need is a Case, a Cthulhu PCB (Possibly a chimp and 360 PAD if you want 360 support), stick, and buttons.

You aren’t really gonna be seeing kits released because there’s way too many options. What console is it for? What type of buttons do you want? What type of stick? How many buttons? What layout? Etc… etc… etc…

Seriously, Toodles made this shit easy with that PCB of his. You can buy cheap cases from:

$25-$35 for a case is cheap, and they’re quality.

Get a Cthulhu for another $35 ($50 for the chimp + whatever for a 360 hackable pad)

Order your stick and buttons and you’re set.

You can get everything but the case in pretty much one place, so I don’t think this has ever been easier.


Thanks for that case link! It is definitely easy to find everything besides the case, but this is all very good info.

The reason I ask is not because I want it to be easier for my self, per se. I like building and I was thinking about maybe starting my own business offering kits at a price, and building em custom for a little more. Of course, it’d be complicated, I’d have to find manufacturers, talk to case builders, guys like Toodles (if there is another person as useful as him) and then sell 360 pads already hacked…

But, thanks for all the info!


Pretty much has most of everything. He only sells expensive premium cases though.


Those aluminum cases are sooooo awwwweeeessss… :wow:


Indeed they are!!!


is eck still alive?

#11 seems like a really good place for premium boxes. That black aluminum is sexxy…