Arcade Stick Market Saturation?

I do wonder, with all the hype around SFIV and all the attention given to the fight sticks (there was an actual side by side comparison in Game Informer - which isn’t…a…good magazine. That might not be fair. It’s not GameFan, how bout that.) - does anyone else think the game stores will soon be filling up with 2nd hand TEs edit and fightsticks?

Just with simple statistics, you get a lot of people doing something new not everyone will stick with it. I don’t think that fight sticks will become the new guitar controller where they have a rack of them in every single Gamestop. However, I do think that once the shine is off the package you’ll get a lot of people with a big ass controller that you can’t use for a lot of games (anything requiring two sticks or even analog stick. I was kinda disappointed that NHL 3 on 3 would not accept digital input).

I think that, but I’m often wrong.

There wasn’t a huge distribution of the TEs to begin with, so I don’t think those will begin to fill up the stores. Plus, I would reckon that a majority of these sticks were eaten up by people who will keep them, a solid majority. The Non-TEs, however, those may be a different story.

I’d be surprised if people are dropping $150 on a stick on a whim. I’d be even more surprised if they would sell them to GameStop for $20 store credit.

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Tigerhobs read through to my point, so let me also clarify that I’m talking about even the second tier joysticks. Your EX and EX2s. Fightsticks and TEs. The majority of purchases will be the cheaper ones because there’s simply more of them available.

Maybe you guys are right, but it is a large and quick amount of purchases for a partially specialized controller. And the price is comparable (for the 2nd tier) to that of guitar controllers.

I’m not trying to sway anyone. I just asked for thoughts. I’m just clarifying what my thinking was.

Well, also with any luck, since 2D fighting still proves to be a big hit, more good 2D fighters will hit the shelves which would prompt us to keep our sticks and even get new ones.