Arcade Stick Mod Problem


Hey, guys.

I’ve followed this tutorial on YouTube ( in order to add an extra spring to my joystick.

However, I cannot get the c-clamp to fit back on the ‘actuator’ (that’s what he calls it in the video) no matter how much force I use. The groove does not come above the actuator, so there’s no way the clamp will fit. I don’t want to break anything, so I’ve given up for now.

Is there anything I oculd have possibly down wrong, or any options for me to take?

I know this is a little vague, but if you watch the video, I basically follow those steps up to the point where he’s putting the c-clamp back on the stick.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


The best way to get the e-clip back on the actuator is to remove the gate and switch pcb. That way you can get a better grip on the actuator. Push the actuator down all the way, fully compressing the spring. This should expose enough of the shaft so you’ll be able to easily slip the e-clip back on. Use a small pair of pliers if you’re having a hard time snapping the e-clip in place. If you’re not able to compress the spring far enough, it’s because the springs combined may be too big for the JLF actuator.

After you get the e-clip back on, replace the switch PCB and gate and you’re good to go.


^ I have the joystick down to its bare minimum… The PCB and gate are no longer on the stick chasis.

However, I think I may have come to a realisation as to what the problem is… And I may by pretty stupid if this is the case…

Which way does the ball joint face on the bottom of the stick? Y’know, the rounded half circle type joint? Does it sit with its bowl side into the bowl groove, or with its flat side into the bowl groove? I neglected to look at this before I removed it. Stupid, I know.

With the bowl side into the bowl groove, the clamp fits on with ease, quite a bit of the shaft is exposed when I push the actuator down. With the flat side into the bowl groove, I can;t even see the groove on the shaft and hence why I’ve been having problems…


The pivot cylinder goes into the main body of the JLF round side down. With the pivot cylinder inserted, there’s a metal washer underneath the main body that you want to make sure you don’t lose. The spring cover rests just below the metal washer, and the springs should attach directly to the spring cover. The actuator then goes over the springs, and finally is held on after putting the e-clip on the shaft.

This site gives you a good cross-section of a joystick comparable to the JLF in your arcade stick.


Thanks for all your help. All sorted now.