Arcade stick moddable with Seimitsu sticks

My brother is a casual fighting game player starting to lean towards the hardcore side and is contemplating on purchasing an arcade stick.

I have tried to inform him on the different arcade parts on the market, such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, etc.

I am aware that there are many sticks moddable with the Sanwa JLF.

My question is which arcade stick(s) can be modded with a seimitsu stick?

I know that Madcatz SE and TE Sticks are seimitsu compatible, but are there anymore?

Thank You


In all Hori HRAP SA/SE models (and all known HRAP 2’s), the Sanwa JLF can be replaced with several different Seimitsu joystick models. Note: The Seimitsu joysticks must be the PCB versions ending with the “-01” designation. The “-01” series can use the same joystick harness as the JLF but it must be flipped before being plugged into the Seimitsu PCB. These include the LS-32-01, LS-40-01, LS-55-01, LS-56-01, and LS-58-01 series.

(NOTE: There’s a way to install the LS-33 in Hori joysticks without having to buy an LS-55-01/-56-01 compatible PCB but it’s a pain and you have to do more wire cutting/splicing and possibly soldering. The LS-33 feels like a JLF at any rate and you’re not going to replace a JLF with a JLF clone right???)

Beware that the LS-32-01 and LS-40-01 install into HRAP SA/SE models with the “SS Mounting Plate.” The LS-40-01 ships with a flat mounting plate which must be unscrewed and replaced with the SS Mounting Plate. The LS-32-01 already ships with the SS Mounting Plate (which is a big reason why it’s the most popular JLF replacement; it comes with all the hardware you need!) Mounting plates are interchangeable between the LS-40 and LS-32 series.

The LS-56-01 mounts into the HRAP SA/SE joystick mount area with its stock VF Mounting plate. I believe the VF may be required for the LS-55-01 as well but don’t quote me on that… It’s possible the Flat Mounting Plate that ships with the LS-55-01 may able be compatible with the HRAP SA/SE mount area.

Where the Hori mounting gets tricky is with the vanilla HRAP’s – the non-SA/SE models – and new HRAP V3/VX SA models. (SA=joysticks that ship with all-Sanwa parts installed; SE=joysticks that ship with all-Seimitsu parts installed; standard HRAP’s always have the Sanwa JLF joystick lever plus Hori-made buttons.) In the HRAP 1 (2nd production series) and all HRAP 3’s, the only Seimitsu joystick that can be installed with no mods is the LS-56-01 (with the VF plate; use the VF Mounting Plate with the LS-55-01, LS-58-01 and LS-33, too). You either have to mod the Hori faceplate OR use a flat mounting plate (RE Mounting plate) for the LS-32-01/LS-40-01 as well as spacers and a shaft extension to get the proper height clearance for the LS-32-01/LS-40-01. Most gamers stick with the JLF in the HRAP “vanilla” series or use an LS-56-01 for convenience. The -32-/40-01 series can be a pain to mount in the HRAP “vanillas” but it can be done with persistance and plenty of washers, extra M4 12mm screws, and M4 hex nuts!

For the HRAP V3/VX SA cases, the “universal joystick mount” has been redesigned. JLF’s and LS-32-01/LS-40-01’s mount with the same mounting plates they used in the previous generation HRAP SA cases. However, the -32-01/-40-01 install through middle screw areas on the mounting plate and thus use only 2 screws to secure onto the HRAP V3/VX faceplate. Not 100% sure but I think MS Mounting plates work for all the rest of the Seimitsu joysticks.

NOTE that the LS-58-01 is basically an updated LS-56-01 and is compatible with all LS-56 mounting plates as well as the SS Mounting Plate that the -32-01/-40-01 series use. Be aware that the -58-01 uses the same shaft as the -56-01 and that it’s advised to stick with the mounting plates the -56-01 series uses already for proper faceplate clearance height…

Be aware that most retro joysticks bases are NOT Sanwa or Seimitsu compatible “out of the box” and require a bit of plastic cutting and drilling mods to accomodate arcade parts. These include but are not limited to the Dreamcast Agetec case, Hori Namco Arcade Stick, Hori Fighting PS/SS Cases, the Sega Saturn TwinStick, Sega Saturn Virtua Stick (Gen. 2), and Hyper Fighting Twin Sticks…

For more info and further inquiries, refer to the “Noobie” and “Info” Stickie threads above the main posting areas in Tech Talk. Those will answer at least 95% of your technical questions…