Arcade Stick Modifcation help

Hello guys, just have a couple questions about Modding the “Tournament Edition:Arcade Stick” by Mad Catz. The things i’m looking at right now is;

  1. Custom Faceplate (I hear “Doomy” is just the guy for this job… is he still around?)

  2. Arcade Stick (Where should I look to find one?)

  3. Buttons [x6 Red] [x2 White] (Where can I find these? When it comes to the x2 white buttons will any of the default white buttons I got by default on the mad catz tourny stick do? Or do all the buttons have a specific spot on the arcade stick button layout.)

  4. 8 Gate (Got this one covered.)

I’m thinking of a Mirrors Edge type of deal, with the red/white color scheme thing going for it. Not completely sure on how i’m going to get this done But it can’t hurt to ask can it. ^^ Thanks for any info ya guys can give me.

(Note: I noticed most of the big players out there got fancy looking custom arcade sticks. I’m looking to get real good at the game and become a great player. One thing came to mind, “Mind as well do it in style.” ^^)

All your joystick needs
All your buying needs
Lizard Lick Amusements

I haven’t seem him make any Post for while. for Arcade Parts.

You can move Buttons anywhere.

is he busy recently?

Why’s nobody recommending They’re cheap and have more choice to offer though it might take a little while before they ship. They do provide excellent service in my opinion, taking pictures of your order before shipment and all.

Because I keep them for myself.

Thank you all for the information, it will serve me nicely.

LizardLick - Looks pretty promising and there are quite alot of interesting parts there to choose from. - I’m almost over-whelmed by all the possible combinations of intresting buttons and Joysticks I can incorporate into my plan. I’m also glad to hear that they are committed to sending out the parts, even to the extent of taking a picture of the purchase before shipping.

SlagCoin - Very good site, just by the few things I’ve read so far, I’m starting to get an idea of what i’m in for.

Once again thank you guys for the help you’ve given me. As for the faceplate, i’ll keep my eyes open.

[Edit] Awesome so far I found all I need at Just got to figure out where i’m going to get the faceplate done. :slight_smile: