Arcade Stick Newbie Guide : FAQs

Okay, so I decided to create this thread pertaining to a lot of FAQs about Arcade Sticks. If you have any other questions pertaining to arcade sticks, please feel free to post here and me or any other user is welcome to reply. Enjoy! :

Q : What arcade stick should I buy?
A : This is so far, probably the most asked question pertaining to arcade sticks in general. It all comes down to preference of the buyer. Would you like to spend a lot for an arcade stick, or are you on a budget?
So, let’s look at your options, shall we? (These options are designed for the current-gen consoles [e.g. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii]

1 - Madcatz Fight Stick Tournament EditionFight Stick TE
So far, probably the most used one that I have seen. This is probably the best stick overall, since it comes with full Sanwa parts, and like the name suggests, it’s created for tournament play. the TE is also fairly easy to mod. With just a 3mm allen wrench, a small flat-head screw driver, and a bit of know-how, you can easily swap out the Sanwa Snap-In buttons, Ball-Top, and the original art. The cost of the TE is around $120-$130. If you are willing to dish out cash for this, you are surely getting a good buy.

The TE type S stick is similar to the 1st generation TE, but it is more compact, and the art is full-panel, which means it fits the whole TE, rather than just the small portion of it like the 1st Gen TE.

2 - Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Stick
This is also an overall good stick. The HRAP3 also comes with good parts and is also fairly easy to mod. Some of the differences between the HRAP3 and the TE is that the button layout and shape of the of the HRAP3 is different. The buttons and stick also feel a bit more stiffer than that of the TE. Depending on preference, some people like playing on more stiff arcade sticks, while others prefer the more loose feel, like that of the TE. The cost for a HRAP3 is about $100-$115, which is cheaper than the TE. If you are looking into saving some money, but still want to get quailty aracade parts, the HRAP3 might suit you best.

3 - Madcatz Fight Stick Standard Edition
Fight Stick SE
This is the Standard Edition of the Madcatz Fight Stick. It is smaller in size, and cheaper. It is good for someone who needs a stick on a budget. But, word of caution, even though the buttons and stick seem like they are Sanwa parts, they are just cheap imitations of the real thing. From what I have read and heard, these stick crap out a lot from excessive use, especially the buttons and the stick. A lot of people here like to mod these though to make them similar to the TE, by putting in JLFs and Sanwa/Semistu Buttons. Though, modding it to have good parts like the JLF and Sanwa/Semistu buttons, cost as much as getting a regular TE. A lot of people also like to start modding these wtih MCs and this stick is a good start to on how to learn on modding those type of things.
The Price for a SE is about $70-$80 and it can be a good stick if you like to save money, or like to learn how to mod arcade sticks in general.

I will add more to this section since the time alotted to me on the computer is very short at the moment, sorry, please bear with me.

Q : How do I go about modding arcade sticks?
A : As far as learning about modding arcade sticks in general, the best thread to go to is this one :
Feel free to post there about any questions regarding modding and the such. It’ll be best if you don’t post new threads, but instead ask in threads like this :
The Absolute Noobie Thread
(Thread created by Kyle )
This thread, you can ask any of your tech-related needs and also has a similar FAQ to this thread laughs.

Installing an MC Cthulhu and Imp for the Xbox 360 and PS3
(Thread created by Toodles)
This thread will answer any questions relating to dual-modding for your arcade stick.

Add Custom to your TE fightstick and swap simple options
(Thread created by ProtomanSTI)
This thread shows you step-by-step instructions on how art-mod you TE. Was very helpful to me when I first started how to learn art-modding my TE.

The Sanwa and Seimistu FAQ
(Thread created by Paik4Life)
This thread gives a very good and in-depth FAQ about Sanwa and Seimistu parts.

Again, I’ll add more links when time permits

Q : How do I go about art-modding my Arcade Stick?
A : You can start by reading how to create art for your arcade stick in Photoshop in this thread :
Making Your Stick Pretty : A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial
(Thread created by d3v)
This thread shows you some simple options when creating art for your aracde stick from Photoshop.
After creating your piece of work, submit it here to get some opinions from other users (such as myself) on your artwork :
The Official Street Fighter IV TE/SE Fightstick Template Thread
If you have a HRAP, post here :
Top Panel Template (HRAP2SA & HRAP3)

After doing your final touches on Photoshop, print it out, and finally got your artwork on you arcade stick, post here to show the users on how beast, or how pretty your arcade stick looks like :
“Check Out My New Stick!”

Because of time constrants, this is only partly finished. I will finish this up later, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to post here, thanks.

Just so you know, I’m going to be merging the “how to hold an arcade stick” portion of the noobie guide and the “what stick should I buy” stuff I wrote in the tech talk noobie thread into one thread here at the noobie dojo, plus with additional content. So this might well end up redundant.

Edit: I don’t mean to take the wind out of your sails. I’m freaking 6 pages deep in this document at the moment. =(

Your HRAP section needs to mention the SA and SE variants.

Also, the difference between stiffness of the JLF in the TE and the JLF in the HRAP is neglible and also isn’t something that occurs in general. Some HRAP variants also have JLFs that feel “stiffer” than other HRAPs. I believe this is mostly attributed to slight variances in Sanwa’s production lines (it seems different batches get different stiffness springs).

@ StarcadeRIP : Yea, I really thought about this for a while, and thought it was more of a noobie directory for arcade sticks rather than a FAQ… Blargh, I need to write more on this.

S type Te stick? hold on so what kind of Te is the marvel vs Capcom TE stick is that a 1st gen TE stick?

The TE “S” sticks are the ones that just recently came out for Super Street Fighter IV.

o alright to tell you the truth i actually forgot those came out lol