Arcade stick no longer working


Hey Guys. I need some help with my Arcade Fighting Stick - I used a Hori Ex 2 Fighting stick (VF style) on my PC via USB cable. I have used it plenty of times especially for USF4 and it worked great however on Wednesday evening it decided to stop working.
Every time I connect it into a USB port I get the error message - “The last USB device you have connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it” which is odd because previously it would work like a charm. I connected a Logitech F310 gamepad into the same USB socket and that worked fine. I have also tried the Uninstall device/Updates options for the USB root hubs and generic hubs and rebooted my system but unfortunately I’m not having much luck. Every time I reboot my system the Xbox LED on my arcade stick flashes only twice upon startup and then cuts out. Any idea what the problem could be? I’m no expert on this but I’m going to guess it’s a faulty USB cable. Thanks


EX2 is trash. Better off getting a new stick.


most likely bad USB Cable… you can try replacing it if you think you are competent at soldering. If not carry it to someone who knows a little bit :slight_smile:

Usually the USB Cables have 4 wires… VCC is red, GND is Black, White is D- and Green is D+. Most likely Hori uses the same color config.


The usual suspect is the USB cable

If you got a multimeter or other means of continuity test, I would test the cable for any breaks.

If you have any proficiency with electrical wiring it’s a rather easy fix, get a new USB cable (USB 2.0 Printer cable is the most recommended, avoid cell phone charger cables) and cut off the unneeded end
You can splice this to the whats left of the good USB wiring existing in your Stick case.

I recommend doing the splice inside the stick and make sure you leave a good knot inside of the case so the USB cable doesn’t get pulled out.


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Also, try installing aN aviator port or Neutrik USB or RJ45 port for detachable USB action. Those smaller cases always make USB management a hassle.


@RoyalFlushTZ - Sorry I didn’t realise you had the same name when I signed up lol.
On topic, thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:


Like others have said in here, get a multimeter and test the cable output, only run a 1.5v test down live and neutral, and go from that. No point splicing a cable to find out its your board