Arcade Stick Noob! Looking for some quick advice

Hey fellas,

I’m thinking about making my first arcade stick purchase and just wanted some quick recommendations/answers.

  1. Custom or Pre-Built (e.g. Hori)
  2. Following that, which maker or which company?
  3. If custom is really that much better… There seems to be too prominent stick builders from SRK. Finkle and Dreaded Fist. Which is recommended? It seems there is a fair bit of praise for both.
  4. I’d like to be able to play the stick on PS2, PS3, xbox, and PC. Any idea of what kind of converter(s) I’m looking at in order to do this?
  5. If a converter is needed, is there noticeable lag going to any of the above mentioned 4 outputs?

Right now I’m leaning towards a custom pad from either Finkle or Dreaded Fist.

  1. pre-built is a bit cheaper, but you’re limited to the prebuilt designs that are out there which frankly, all suck. PLus, you’ll have to go through the trouble of modding if you want full sanwa/happ

  2. for happ, the SFAC is alright modded and MAS stick (comes with happ parts). For sanwa, hori is preferred, most horis have sanwa sticks but stock buttons.

3)it’s up to you! just browse their photos and see who has what you want.

4)get a PS2 and ask for the analog switch and then get a compatible PS2->USB adaptor. THe adaptor will let you use the stick for ps2/3 and PC. Certain adaptors will be better than others, do research on forums! Same deal iwth ps2 -> xbox

  1. depends on what converter you get.

edit: by the way, congrats for not making your first few posts retarded with bad grammar and impossible to understand but rather, rather, educated and well organized.

  1. Pretty much everyone here would prefer custom. Why wouldn’t you want something built just for you that no one else will have?

  2. For custom, either Finkle or Dreaded Fist. Can’t go wrong with either. For pre-built, Hori Real Arcade Pro.

  3. Like I said can’t go wrong with either. Take a look at their work and see which one you like better. The cases they make are different.

  4. Their sticks will use PS1 PCB’s so PS2 of course will be fine.
    —> PS3 : Elecom for now but nothing works perfectly yet for everything.
    —> XBox : Magic Box
    —> PC : Smartjoy Plus

  5. With all the above mentioned adapters, no.

Yeah, custom seems like your best bet. Obtaining a PS1 Dual PCB for your stick ensures that there is no lag when you obtain converters for the other systems. Supposedly, Pelican will release a lag-free PS2->PS3 converter in May, but we’ll have to see if they deliver on that promise next month.

1 & 2. If you want custom art get a custom made stick. If you don’t really care get either the SFAC and modify it with happ parts, or get a hori and replace the buttons.

  1. finkle did an awesome job on my stick. Just be warned that he has a real job and is fairly busy so expect at least 1 - 2 months before you get your stick. Not sure how DF’s wait times are atm.

  2. People have already posted about converters. Get a magicbox for xbox if you can find one. I don’t use ps2 -> usb converters so I can’t help you much there.

  3. If you get the right converter you won’t notice any lag.

df retired from making sticks

go with finkle
it must be worth the wait

Dreaded Fist has retired :frowning:

Another guy who makes sticks is

He seems a tad bit more expensive,but the sticks do look awesome

All right, well I think I’ve finally made my decision.

I’ve talked to Dreaded Fist and yes, he has retired from stick building :frowning:

Finkle I’ve yet to receive a reply from so I suppose he’s fairly busy and it’s probably unrealistic of me to expect him to be able to build one for me.

This leaves me either with a pre-built or a used custom stick from one of you fellas!

I think that the HRAP2 will probably be the best bet as it has the easiest compatibility with each of the systems I listed. The HRAP3 would be a tough convert to PS2/xbox I would think.

The trouble is… is that the HRAP2 is discontinued and are very hard to find!

Any thoughts? Is the HRAP2 the best way to go in your opinion? Unless I can find a used custom stick.

modded tekken 5 stick :tup:

or build your own
if you can get
soldering skills
carpentry skills
and thats it :]

where you from connor?

If it’s your first stick just get something fairly decent. The tekken 5 stick is the perfect way to start, the work your way up to a better stick when you need too. I wouldn’t be too concerned with getting the perfect stick if you’ve never even had one before.

my first stick was a pelican real arcade
god it was crap

but i have 2 now both happ modded

and a tekken 5 stick ima mod soon with sanwas

Lol, good to hear you got a nice stick in the end. My first stick was a green goblin, not a bad way to start, but now my best is probably my CFJ seimitsu modded HRAP.

I have had my fair share of crap though, like the KOF stick for PS2, I think having bad sticks makes you appreciate the good stick more when you get them though.

Lol, I had the same thing. I actually broke it in half in a flurry of anger when the buttons stuck on me twice in the same fight. Then I ordered a MAS. Then I built my own, ordering a case from Red Octane. There’s always a progression. I would definitely suggest going somewhat cheap, like pre-built for your first. You don’t know what you like, yet. I thought I was huge on hard springs, till I got used to my MAS with hard springs and started to feel like it fought me too much. Enjoy your journey through stickland. =)

Up in Winnipeg, MB, Canada! Yep… it’s still cold.

Who are you? I challenge you to a dual.

dun dun dun

arcade n00b

I’m an arcade stick n00b too. I tried building the small sanwa stick that byrdo has up on his site, but failed misribly. I did not use a table saw, that could have been why…neways does anyone have tips or usefull information that might help me build my own?

pics or i didnt happen

Hey Connor, looking for a stick too eh? I’m pure n00b when it comes to sticks, but everyone must start somewhere.

I’m actually thinking of building my own stick. We may be able to help each other out, chea bea!

We actually have someone who’s starting to build stick in our own city, if you guys wanna wait and see what he has to offer, I’ll keep you updated. As a fellow Winnipegger, I believe you’d find some decent comp and our local stick maker at