Arcade stick not working

would anyone here know what might be wrong with my arcade stick? its not like theres one butten not pressing or something like that, it starts out fine if you have not used it recently but after playing it for alittle bit different things will just give out, first it was the focus wouldn’t work but mp and mk would (and yes i checked the control settings they were how i put them) then some of the different kick and punch buttens stoped working and then finally moveing the stick forwards or back wouldn’t input but up and down would. i don’t know much about tech stuff, my brother is better with that kind of thing he’s going to take a look at it see what he can do but he doesn’t know very much, i was just wondering if any one has had this problem before and knows how to fix it, i have the hori EX2 fighting stick, the one made for virtua fighter 5


Wow, this is the same exact problem I have with my Hori Ex2. Anyway to fix this? The buttons just stop working or don’t respond correctly after about an hour or so of playing with it.

My friend has the same stick, same thing happened to him. In reality, your shits fucked. But you could take it apart and screw with shit for a little bit and hopefully you’ll fix it on accident. I bet your stick is going to break next and you won’t be able to diagonally jump backwards.

Known to have poor PCBs.

Either the PCB is dying out or the buttons were soldered poorly. Unfortunately, they’re not all that easy to replace. Same goes for the stick.

whats a PCB? and also i have 2 of those arcade sticks, is it possable my second one i’m using right now will crap out like the other did? i’ve had them for awhile but the second one i havn’t used as much (the arcade sticks came with sticker so i used those to make it so i could tell them apart) so now i’m worried it will mess up as well, al though i do beleave it started to mess up when the cord got unpluged when the system was on (not the part connected to the system theres a part inbetween that in can unplug that looks like its made so it can connect to some othere kind of plug ), i’m just hopeing theres some way to save it, and really hopeing the other doesn’t go out because i don’t know how to play street fighter without a stick and thats going to really mess up my game

I had an EX2 as well and the PCB died for no reason, MP and HK just started to not work.

I knuckled up and put in a MadCatz Retro PCB and all was well. It was kind of a tight fit, so I wrapped the PCB in electrical tape to ensure it wouldn’t short out.

Good luck, dealing with hardware that breaks for being used for the task it was solely meant for is insanely annoying.

hrmmmmm, what other company has that kinda problem? :slight_smile: